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Ascend Command Updates

This page gives the download links for Ascend Command Personal Edition Windows and Mac updates.

Click on the link for your software to download the latest version. We recommend that you first uninstall your existing version, then install the new version. The licensing should be preserved across your new install, but please contact us if you need to retrieve your license code again. Since your sims by default are stored in your Documents folder, your uninstall of the existing version should not remove the sims.

  • Microsoft Windows:
    • To uninstall Ascend Command, open the Control Panel and look for Add/Remove Programs. Find the Ascend Command program in the list and click on the label marked “Uninstall”.
  • Mac:
    • To uninstall SimsUshare, simply remove the Ascend Command program from your Applications folder. Do not remove the contents of your SimsUshare folder in your Documents folder–that contains the sims you made with prior versions.