Make Fire Simulations Fast with SimsUshare

Thanks for visiting SimsUshare, the fastest way to build fire and safety sims on all major devices! Check out our intro video to learn more:

SimsUshare is a Fire and Safety training simulation software application that is so versatile you can create simulations in minutes around virtually anything you can photograph. It is also affordable … the subscription cost of a single user Platinum license is only $74.95/year (USD), and the Network version is $495/year (USD), allowing for 10 computers and unlimited users! Your SimsUShare subscription guarantees the latest software application, unlimited technical support and regular updates to useful features and bonus material. If you are an iPhone or iPad user you can get started in sim building for only $9.99 (USD).

Many thousands use the SimsUshare application for:

  • Pre-fire planning
  • Size Up Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Personnel Accountability
  • ICS / Deployment
  • SOP Compliance
  • Incident Review (pre or post)

Explore our web site for more detailed information and contact us with any questions!

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