frtv_transparentSize-Up Sims

an exclusive FireRescueTV and SimsUshare feature

Size-Up Sims presents simulated situations you can use to practice skills involved in how you would manage an incident–for example, radio communication, strategy, resource management, and tactics. You will be presented with a 3-4 minute walkaround of the scene and suggested questions to discuss.

As a FireRescueTV viewer, you can get a special two-week free trial of SimsUshare just by asking us! Click here request your free trial now!

You can download the scenarios directly into SimsUshare and adapt them to your first-due by using the repository code FRTV2015. Learn how to download the Fire Rescue TV sims by clicking here.

To learn about getting FireRescueTV in your station, please click here for an informational flyer.