Multi-Position House Fire

This package is designed to help you introduce your department personnel to your SOP’s/SOG’s regarding a typical, one-story house fire. While the type of house pictured in the scenario can be found in most jurisdictions, we encourage you to modify the scenario using your own pictures and the SimsUshare app, to make the experience most relevant. The package contains five simulations that are timed to be used together, each simulation by the corresponding participating unit (three engines, a battalion chief, and a ladder company). We call the scenario “multi-positional” because it is designed to be run on separate computers within the same exercise.

Excerpt from the Instructor’s Guide

This scenario involves a one-story house with a basement that is being finished. There are two bedrooms in the basement, and two bedrooms on the main floor. The fire is located in the master bedroom and is quickly extinguished by the first crew to enter the house. In this scenario the first crew to arrive on scene will conduct a perimeter check and then enter the first floor. It is paramount that the first arriving crew go to the fire floor, and it is obvious once on scene that the fire is located on the 1st floor. Because of the large basement windows, the first arriving crew would assume the basement is used for living. Therefore, the best assignment for the second unit on scene is to search the basement, especially because they are not overwhelmed by smoke or fire on the 1st floor.

For this simulation to work properly, the instructor must review the sim with the students. This simulation has been built as a learning tool and will only work if you assign the first three units to specific areas, since the timing and progression through the structure has been set in advance (as opposed to allowing units to move freely). This has been done on purpose to teach Incident Commanders how to assign crews to a single-story house fire where the fire is located on the first floor.

What’s Included

    • Instructor’s Guide that reviews the specifics of the house fire, how to run the exercise with multiple participants, and tips on customizing the scenario to your jurisdiction;
    • One simulation in specific form for each of five (5) responding unit’s progression through the house fire, timing their arrival and progression to coordinate with one another; and,
    • Five (5) simulations (one for each company position) for the instructor to navigate in learning or reviewing the exercise, without having to wait for the coordinated timing across the exercise simulations.

About the Author

This package was developed by the SimsUshare team.

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