Public SimsUshare Simulation Repositories

SimsUshare version 2.1 introduces the ability to download sims directly onto your device from verified sim repositories. The following is a list of repositories and a brief description of the simulations they contain. Beneath the list of repositories we have instructions for accessing repositories directly within SimsUshare.

If you would like to set up your own repository, either through SimsUshare or on your organization’s servers, please contact us to find out how.

SimsUshare Free Scenario Pack #1

Simulations (10) part of the Scenario Pack #1 released in October 2014 (check them out here). These include:

  • Cadillac: Balloon const
  • Flow path studies Houses 1-4
  • TruGas: Commercial gas supplier
  • Office: Timed progression of smoke and fire
  • Idaho Falls: A 4-story hotel fire with several extension and knockdown conditions
  • Effects Library: A scenario by Ben Singley (Kennewick, WA) that collects all the effects for reference

Repository IDSUSPACK1

How to Access Repositories

To access a repository from within SimsUshare, go first to the “Select Sim to Edit” or “Select Sim to Play” screen. Open the menu and choose “Download Sims”. The program will then show you a screen listing repositories you have saved already (and a default repository for SimsUshare, when you first install the program).