Responder Safety Training


          SimsUshare is a fire simulator which is an invaluable tool in responder safety training. SimsUshare will provide your students with hands-on opportunities for practicing and demonstrating knowledge, skills and abilities.

          SimsUshare is an inexpensive responder safety training tool that will help you create a wide variety of training scenarios based on your students’ needs. Since it is simple to use, SimsUshare does not require hours of study or repetition to create valuable simulations that will enhance the training experience.

          Students tend to be highly-engaged by teaching through hands-on exercises/simulations because they can see themselves performing the skills (and identifying weaknesses to address). Students learn through doing, especially when the situations revolve around real-world and potential incidents in their jurisdiction. Knowledge, skills and abilities that are developed and maintained using SimsUshare translate to real-work performance improvement in the field.

          Want to take it a step further and get your students involved? Contact us to arrange a special trial license code you can provide your students so they can create their own simulations or edit ones you give them permission to copy.

          Responder Safety Training
          SimsUShare - Easy & Rapid Fire Simulation Building Software

          Typical Uses

          Using your own photos or photos you take in the responders’ jurisdiction, you can create simulations for virtually anything you can imagine, from simple incidents to complex incidents with timed changes of hazardous conditions. Easily develop simulations that support your first responder safety training curriculum which you can easily adapt to fit your students’ needs.

          SimsUshare gives you flexible deployment options as well. Typically, you project a computer or mobile device in front of a class and work together on the problem. However, using the included SimsUshare Command Training Center (CTC) package, you can divide your students into single resources, groups or divisions, and give them views of the incident in which they can navigate independently. You can control the entire simulation from a single master dashboard via the Internet. You can even conduct continuing education from a distant location with students anywhere that has an Internet connection (or purchase our additional “On-Site” server to operate without needing the Internet)!

          SimsUshare has unlimited used and benefits, such as:

          • Pre-incident planning
          • Size-up skills
          • Communication skills
          • Strategy & tactics
          • Post-incident critique/lessons learned
          • Promotional process
          • Critical thinking & situational awareness
          • Personnel accountability
          • Incident command (ICS)
          • SOP/SOG compliance and validation
          • Public education
          • Equipment training, e.g., PPV and Pump Operations
          • Asst Chief Daniel A. French
            ...[M]y department has just completed our 3rd promotional process utilizing the Sims-U-Share product and we couldn't be happier.  The product is easy to use and provides the opportunity for our candidates to react to realistic scenarios that are tailored to our specific needs and employs buildings and hazards that are culled from our unique response area. Thanks for putting out such a user friendly product.
            Asst Chief Daniel A. French
            Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS
          • Tim Bush
            What a great product. I have used it a few times and it was very easy to use, but also very powerful!
            Tim Bush
            Assistant Fire Chief at Maple Grove Fire Department
          • Android User
            Exceptional Training App Had the opportunity to review earlier versions of this app. It was great then and better now. Easy to use. Great options and interoperability. Superb functions and options. Importing your own fotos is where the app becomes relevant and dynamic. Try it…you’ll like it
            Android User
          • Damon Allen
            This software has been a great tool in educating my crews during downtime and during multi-company training. Keep up the great work.
            Damon Allen
            Battalion Chief, EMT-P at Sumter County Fire and EMS
          • EMT Program Coordinator & Fire Captain
            I wanted to tell you how much [SimsUshare] has helped me with training of captain candidates. I just finished teaching a strategy and tactics class for my department, and it was a valuable tool.
            EMT Program Coordinator & Fire Captain
          • Trevor Peisley
            I train people in fire and emergencies here in Australia and your app has been a godsend. As most of my training is on site and site specific they love it when I “burn’ their building down, or even better, blow it up. The new elements you keep adding make it real for simulated scenarios and assessing what people would and can do in the emergency situations SimsUshare can create. Mate, your imagination is your limit, and I would recommend this app to any emergency organisation for scenario based training. Believe it or not, I even saw a headline news fire on TV about 6 months ago where I am sure they used this program to simulate the fire, there you go, it looked so real.
            Trevor Peisley
            Hotfire Training Services, Emu Plains NSW, Australia
          • Danny Allaire
            This app is incredible. I love it. I made 2 or 3 quick sims and it works perfectly....I had no problem swapping my sims from PC to mobile. Thanks for the fast answer and the platinum licence. You and your team are the best. I cant wait to show my sims to my collegues.
            Danny Allaire
            Pompier de la ville de Saint-Lazare
          • Mark Rossi
            I can honestly say I am extremely happy with this investment I made in my company. Your software is easy to use and has been a "game changer" for my consulting business. I will be a lifelong customer.
            Mark Rossi
            Rockstar Training & Consulting, LLC
          • Tony Escobedo, Fire Battalion Chief
            Your program allowed us to create a myriad of scenarios that we used to put our officers through this critical and significant training endeavor. Thanks to you and your program, this training has resulted in successful and meaningful training that magnifies that skill set of our officers and amplifies the safety of our entire operations on the fire ground. Your program was easy to set up and very user friendly. The program worked outstanding and without glitches. I hope to use your program for future training needs and seeking to have it used as the primary tool for every one of our stations (24).I thank you once again for your professional and impeccable customer service!
            Tony Escobedo, Fire Battalion Chief
            Fresno City Fire Department
          • Scott Carrigan, Fire Chief
            I have recently done a few presentations demonstrating your product and I believe I stated that it was probably the best investment for the money that a fire department could make in terms of training…. I have been with you guys from the beginning…. Right now we are starting a collaboration with 5 fire departments where we will be doing monthly officer training using the command training center function. I’ve been testing it out and so far all is working well.
            Scott Carrigan, Fire Chief
            Salisbury Fire Department
          • Robert M. Kovach, Battalion Chief EMS/Training
            I appreciate the help, your product is excellent. I just heard about it from an adjoining fire agency and built two promotional simulations.  I will keep using it.
            Robert M. Kovach, Battalion Chief EMS/Training
            Carpinteria - Summerland Fire Protection District
          • Andy Powell
            Really enjoying your product. 1st Wednesday of every month I have a CTC open house but this month since no contact [due to COVID-19 precautions] I went virtual with your product and reviews were excellent.
            Andy Powell
            Battalion Chief

          Packages & Pricing

          Our philosophy is that you only should pay for what you need. Choose a package shown here or CONTACT US for a customized package that meets your organization’s needs.

          Please note: all prices are in US Dollars (USD). We accept all major credit cards and Purchase Orders.



          create up to five (5) sims at a time

          CTC Starter


          1 Developer License
          Unlimited Local Storage
          2 Web Exercises with 3 Participants Total
          10 Cloud Sim Storage Capacity


          $18 monthly

          CTC Custom

          <contact for quote>

          Create the ideal package that meets your needs, for example:

          # Developer Licenses
          # Web Exercises with # Participants Total
          # Cloud Sim Storage Capacity
          On-Site CTC Server
          iPads/Android/Laptops & case
          Custom Sims for You
          On-Site Training Classes

          CTC Advanced
          (with CTC On-Site Server)


          first year

          $495 annual maintenance & upgrades after first year*

          CTC On-Site Server | Firefighter Training Simulator Cost

          * maintenance & upgrades included in the first year. $495 is based on the options described.

          This package is designed for advanced flexibility to meet your training needs. The included equipment provides on-site exercises without needing Internet access. Also, it includes an account with full-access to our web-based exercise software. The package includes:

          • SimsUshare On-Site server with high-capacity sim storage and multi-screen exercises;
          • License for 3 developers;
          • Unlimited On-Site simulations;
          • Unlimited On-Site exercises;
          • Unlimited On-Site exercise participants;
          • Your web-based account includes:
            • 20 sims storage in SimCloud;
            • 3 simultaneous cloud exercises;
            • 5 total active participants across all cloud exercises.

          Web-based account can be customized. Please CONTACT US.

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