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Photo Boxes

[photo_box image=”2703″ link=””][/photo_box]
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Photo Boxes With Video Links

[photo_box target=”lightbox” image=”1652″ link=””]Introduction to SimsUshare[/photo_box]
[photo_box target=”lightbox” image=”1652″ link=””]Introduction to SimsUshare[/photo_box]
[photo_box target=”lightbox” image=”1652″ link=””]Introduction to SimsUshare[/photo_box]

“Pricing Boxes” Styled with Rule

[pricing_item featured=”0″ image=”2549″ title=”Sim Development Platform” link_title=”LEARN MORE” link=””]
Simple yet flexible sim development environment for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android to create and display incident simulations based on your photos and our realistic smoke, fire, and other special effects. Use timing and/or mouse clicks to evolve situations in response to changing conditions and crew actions.
[pricing_item featured=”0″ image=”2722″ title=”Cloud Training Management” link_title=”LEARN MORE” link=””]
With little to no IT setup, you can run exercises on multiple screens at the same time–in the same room or across your region. Our customers say this is a game changer, since no other photo-based simulation platform offers these functions. SimsUshare CTC lets you conduct multi-company exercises through the Internet or an optional local (LAN) server, and use the cloud to share your simulations across your Department (“Sim Cloud”).
[pricing_item featured=”0″ image=”2723″ title=”Continuing Education” link_title=”LEARN MORE” link=””]

A growing catalog of ‘train-the-trainer’ materials, continuing education modules, and workshops enhanced with simulations to help you

content you can purchase with pre-made simulations and curricula

at your location

free online classes for sim development


Limb Carousel

You can set up galleries using the Limb Gallery item in the left column. It is pretty straight forward drag-drop. The carousels/sliders are implemented through a text block. They have some css styling applied so i wouldn’t mess with the look of them

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Fake “Pricing Boxes” Styled Columns and Text Blocks



per year

individuals, freelance instructors and small departments with one or two sim developers

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per year

small to medium sized departments who need multiple sim developers and use simulations on a weekly or monthly basis

Learn More



per year

medium-to-large departments and training organizations who use simulations on a weekly or more frequent basis basis

Learn More



per year

Large organizations or regions who need dedicated resources and flexibility

Learn More

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