“BYOB” Fire Simulator Workshops

Bring your own buildings into your fire simulations. 

Our BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Buildings) Fire Simulator Workshops are content-focused workshops that also involve showing you how to develop sims to support the topic. The BYOB Workshops are taught by Fire Training leaders at your location. Workshops include course materials and simulation packs that you can customize to your first-due area. Participants are encouraged to bring pictures of their own buildings to construct simulations centered on the topic, guided by expert instruction.

Price: $1,500 per day plus travel expenses. To learn more about booking a workshop, contact us.

Here is a selection of the topics covered in our fire simulator workshops and classes:

  • Using SimsUshare for Your Assessment Process
  • Company Officer Training using SimsUshare
  • Exploring Building Construction using SimsUshare
  • Advanced Incident Command Training using SimsUShare
  • The Training Officer’s Guide to SimsUshare
  • Using SimsUshare for Public Education Training
  • After Action review and NIOSH Report Review
  • Converting Current Sims and Materials to SimsUshare
  • The Nuts and Bolts of SimsUshare
  • Building Foundational Sims with SimsUshare

Using SimsUshare in Your Assessment Process

During this workshop, participants will use their own building photographs and learn how to create an interactive tactical fire problem for their promotional process. The class will cover some best practices for having objectives and scoring of the assessment and will cover all simulation effects including creating a 360 walk around, using timings, adding fire and smoke as needed and how to use the easy navigation features of the software. Participants will receive the software and some sample simulations for their use. This workshop is for firefighters of all ranks but training officers and Chief officers involved in creating the promotional process will benefit as well.

Time: 8 hours, based on 8 students

Company Officer Training using SimsUshare

This dynamic and interactive workshop will help your department create ongoing in-service training to keep your incident commanders and company officers current by creating simulations of fires in YOUR buildings. The fire service readily admits that we are having fewer fires and losing our edge in recognizing and sizing up fire and other incidents. Using their own buildings, participants will learn how to use the software effects to create interactive, realistic scenarios including, fires, vehicle accidents, chemicals incidents and much more. This program is excellent for all firefighters who want to use the software to prepare themselves, for training officers and Chiefs of all levels.


Exploring Building Construction using SimsUshare

During this 4 hour fire simulator workshop, the participants will use their own buildings and discuss how the software effects to demonstrate fire and smoke travel in all 5 types of building construction. By using these effects participants will tie together the missing piece of training that adds and predicts the types of fire spread within these buildings. Many classes talk about the construction but failure to match the fire and smoke travel to illustrate the point. The workshop will discuss all of the easy to use software effects that will allow you to recreate the things learned to bring back to your organization.

Time: 8 hours, based on 8 students

Advanced Incident Command Training using SimsUshare

During this workshop participants will use all of the effects and features of the software and gain the methodology to train incident commanders in all facets of command such as size up, using tactical worksheets, communication training, and even touching on a simulation involving a MAYDAY. By using your OWN buildings and taking the easy to use software you will be able to create your own training that can be used quarterly or monthly in your own organizations. This program will be taught by experienced incident commanders so in addition to using the software you will gain valuable command training as well. This workshop is good for the newly promoted incident commander or to sharpen the skills of an experienced officer.

The Training Officer’s Guide to SimsUshare Software

During this workshop participants will not only use all of the features of the software on their own buildings but they will learn how this can be applied to a variety of subject matters within their own department’s training plan. These topics include, training, officer training, fire behavior and fire attack training, building construction and even public education training. Make your training dynamic and more interactive. This workshop is for the new or experienced training officer that wants to breathe new life into the “Death by PowerPoint” that can slow your training program down.

Using SimsUshare for Public Education Training

During this 4 hour workshop participants will learn some creative uses for using the software not to train firefighters but in fact to use the software creatively to teach citizens many lifesaving messages. By using a variety of effects. Your organization can make it’s public relation program more interactive and make your public education more powerful. The program is good for all firefighters but particularly useful for the fire prevention and public education personnel.

After Action review and NIOSH Report Review

This workshop will use the software and effects to review and simulate and recreate actual fire incidents. Lead by experienced instructors and using after the fire or published incident pictures, instructors can create powerful training scenarios. This methodology not only teaches the specific incidents but by using the applied effects, you can change and determine the what-if scenarios that might indicate what could have changed the outcome. This program will not look at any case history as a judgement but as a witness so history does not repeat itself. The instructor demonstrates the techniques of adding and changing effects so that you can use this on your own post incident analysis sessions in your own department.

Converting Sims and Materials to SimsUshare

This online or in-person workshop is designed for departments that want expert SimsUshare sim developers to convert existing simulations, photos, videos, etc. made with other simulators/applications, or create an original set of customized set of simulations for use in SimsUshare. The process involves discussing the intended purpose(s), types, and extent of the simulations, as well as how to collect the required assets (simulations, photos, sounds, etc.). Typical cost for the ‘conversion’ is about US $500/simulation, which depends on the quantity ordered and the details involved. The department can opt to have their own personnel assist during the creation process as well, to help the personnel develop their skills.

The Nuts and Bolts of SimsUshare

This is a technical class on the how to use more advanced features of SimsUshare, such as building branching logic sims, advanced picture editing and masking, and the subtleties and complexities of designing multiplayer simulations. The class is limited to 10 participants, and students are expected to bring materials (pictures and audio) for the types of simulations they would like to build.

Building Foundational Sims with SimsUshare

This 2 hour class is oriented to new SimsUshare customers who would like personal, hands-on assistance in developing and using simulations for your Department or area. It covers the material presented in the SimsUshare Academy class Simulation Developer I and CTC Operator I. No SimsUshare experience is necessary. Since the class is taught on-site, we typically offer the same class at different times of the same day, to accommodate various shifts.

In place of running the class multiple times during the day, it can be extended to include parts of intermediate or advanced skills, along the lines of the SimsUshare Academy online class Simulation Developer II and Simulation Developer III.

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