What’s New and Version History

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              v 2.8.4

              • New Features
                • Integration with SimsUshare Command Training Center (CTC)
                • Upload sims to and download sims from SimCloud
                • Added option in Location Jumper for advance to next location and go back to previous location
                • Added Clock/Timer plugin
                • New ‘merge simulation’ feature to enable multi-path sim creations more easily
                • Twelve (12) new smoke and fire effects
                • During sim editing, shows option to list locations to edit in creation sequence or reverse, for ease of reaching locations towards the bottom (for sims with 8 or more locations)
                • During editing, if an element is invisible or too small to select, use the rotation selector and it will be revealed for you to select when the rotator gets to that element. Selection in purple outline means the element is as-is; outline in orange means the element has been enlarged for selection; outline in green means the element has been made visible for selection
                • Confirm exit for editing sims (instead of assuming press of Done closes editing)
                • SimsUshare Mobile: Store five (5) sims instead of three (3)
              • Bugs Fixed
                • Exercise time not reset after location jump
                • Sim playback showed endless spinning clock without loading sim
                • (Windows/Mac) Choosing “Change Main Sim Folder” now recognizes if you point to main overall folder or inner sims/ folder

              v 2.6

              • New Features
                • Load your own MP3 audio clips into existing scenarios and manipulate them as other effects, including looping, volume, timing, and tap control (Windows/Mac; for iOS/Android, audio can be manipulated if already in sim that has been uploaded)
                • Picture and audio cache – though pictures and audio can only be uploaded into program on Windows/Mac version
              • Bugs Fixed
                • Updated German user interface translation
                • Allows sim repositories through HTTPS

              v 2.5.1

              • New Features
                • Load your own pictures (JPG, PNG, GIF) into existing scenarios and manipulate them as other effects, including timing, color/brightness, and tap control (Windows/Mac; for iOS/Android, pictures can be moved if already in sim that has been uploaded)
                • Picture cache (Windows/Mac)
                • Loaded pictures can be positioned/moved optionally during sim playback
              • Bugs Fixed
                • Non-iOS versions no longer check for zip file of sims in user’s Documents folder
                • iOS: camera froze when taking pictures (iOS 10.3.1)
                • iOS: updated to 64-bit

              v 2.2 (Windows/Mac only)

              • New Features
                  • Added keystrokes for rotating elements (ctrl-shift left arrow and ctrl-shift-right arrow)
                • Added parameter for timing of elements to be either time since scenario start vs. time since location shown
              • Bugs Fixed
                • Corrected bug in effect fade-in/fade-out with non-zero durations that made appearance sporadic when fade-in/out times were identical to other elements.

              SimsUshare Platinum v 2.1.1 / SimsUshare 2012 v 1.7

              • New Features
                • Sim Repositories for downloading sims onto any device
                • Windows/Mac: Backspace key deletes selected element
                • Platinum only:
                  • Clipboard functionality: copy effect, copy selected effects, and paste
                  • Walkaround Maker: sequence your locations and press a button to create walkaround navigation
                  • Location Jumper plug-in: timed movement
              • New Platinum Effects
                • Flame Window Front and Window Side
                • Steam (continuous) and Steam Burst, in narrow and wide dispersion patterns
              • Bugs Fixed
                • Corrected bug in single-selection list, for example, Explosives Label, trying to select something below initial menu closes menu before allowing staying on screen to select
                • Corrected misaligned tap area on devices with scaled output, for victims, containers, and other elements that add tap areas
                • Windows/Mac:
                  • Using keyboard to nudge elements also moves indicator
                  • License code remembered as default once deactivated (for convenience in moving license among devices)
                • Android:
                  • Screen scales to more appropriate size for high-resolution phones and tablets

              v 2.0 (Platinum)

              • Updated effect rendering for smoother performance
              • Added HazMat placards, responders, and containers for new customers of Platinum
              • Added enterprise login/logout to support cloud syncing in future
              • Enterprise login allows any number of simulations

              v 1.5.1

              • Fixed bug in scenario timing
              • Fullscreen (Win/Mac) allows keystrokes now
              • Selection rotator is on by default with > 2 elements on stage
              • Corrected several French phrases

              v 1.5

              • New Effects
                • Victims (Woman, Man, Girl, Boy, Firefighter) with tap controls for show/hide
                • Ceiling Fire
                • Spark Burst
                • Shapes
              • New Languages
                • German, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, and Romanian
              • Cross-Platform
                • Fast-forward/rewind scenario time for scenario testing
                • Changed direction naming from ‘East’ to ‘Right’, ‘West’ to ‘Left’, etc. for navigation links
                • Remembers user setting for automatically making reciprocal link
                • Remembers user setting for selection rotator presence
                • Not duplicating ‘SimsUshare Overview’ demo sim on program reinstall (Win/Mac/Android)
              • iOS
                • Allow fade-in/fade-out based on animation time, so video recording is consistent

                • Corrected ‘Manage Location’ that was messing up a scenario
                • Corrected on-screen text updating for ‘Simple Text’
                • Fixed touch area on center up/down buttons
              • Android
                • Corrected ‘SimsUshare Overview’ not to have BACK button explicit
              • Windows/Mac
                • Added tap regions to trigger navigation
                • Corrected bug when taking snapshot, effects were not resuming animations
                • Personal Edition
                  • Windows/Mac check online for updated version and allow user to open browser
                • Site License/Station Edition
                  • Corrected program from closing if sim folder configuration file pointed to unwriteable folder
                  • Corrected copying sim to an empty folder would erroneously show sim copied to all empty sim folders
                  • Update menus to allow sim copying following the creation of the first external folder (Add Sim Folder)

              v 1.4.21

              • iOS
                • Pop-up message alerts user when video saved
                • App crashed for some devices on second video made
                • Video recording stops (and saves) on app losing focus
                • Fixed bug in which one could start recording before current video had been saved fully

               v 1.4.2

              • Corrected bug with “Hide Other Elements” switch not getting reset after last edit element
              • Corrected bug in set title for location during editing
              • Corrected bug that was causing premature ending of edit mode (pressing ‘Done’ after editing an element was returning to ‘Select a SIM to Edit’ screen)
              • iOS
                • Corrected video recording bug that made app crash on iOS 5
                • Set minimum version to iOS 5

              v 1.4.1

              • Moved navigation arrow into captured snapshot (still)
              • Corrected bug in explosions briefly showing initial burst after finishing the explosion
              • Corrected bug in which effects with 0 delay but non-zero fade-in were not showing up at all
              • Rearchitected switching modes between editing an element and choosing an element, to reduce/eliminate program getting stuck and removing interface buttons
              • iOS
                • added video recording option during sim playback (no audio, however)

              v 1.4

              • Added ability to create and manage new locations
              • Corrected bug in which clicking outside list would not clear selection
              • Removed preloader gears during asset loading

              v 1.1.21

              • Moved sliders and property interface to bottom of screen, to avoid fingers over picture
              • Added ability to move boundary points in mask with keyboard arrows
              • Corrected non-translation of horiz and vertical flipping yes/no
              • Added ability to alphabetize sims (in “Select Sim to Edit” screen)
              • Android
                • Added resize event to keep screen oriented in landscape
              • iOS
                • Enabled iCloud for sims

              v 1.1.2

              • Fixed bug in loading sim catalog every time going into select sim for edit or play
              • Made selection rotator allow clicking on element to select, rather than just upper button
              • Moved selection rotator under PLAY button, unless no space, then it goes to bottom left
              • Windows/Mac
                • Added user capability to change main sim folder
                • Added user capability to specify multiple sim folders (through simfolders.xml)
                • Removed “License Agreement” menu
                • Reduced font size for menus on desktop version
              • Android
                • Fixed “Hide Menu” on Android (in Play Sim) not closing the menu
                • Fixed orientation glitch on some devices that put and locked screen into portrait mode
                • Removed “License Agreement” menu

              v 1.1.15

              • Multi-Window (Windows/Mac only)
                • Open/display multiple simultaneous windows for sim playing
                • Open/display multiple simultaneous widnows for sim creation and edition (cannot edit same scenario in two windows, though)
                • Window titles on independent screens carry the sim name when playing or editing, to facilitate choosing the right screen to view when managing multiple screens
              • Play Sim enhancements
                • Coordinated Play/Pause/Reset among open windows
                • Added play button to Play Sim screen for resuming playback when sim is paused
                • Added menu option for making the menu and back buttons transparent during playback, so if you are recording the screen, they will not appear in the video (though button is still there for interaction)
              • Allowed scrolling lists and menus to run to multiple lines (useful in some non-English phrases)
              • Added user interface in Dutch (Nederlands)
              • Moved text boxes on the sliders so as not to interfere with the text label
              • Mac: adopted conventional install (DMG that opens to allow you to drag application icon into Applications folder)
              • Bugs fixed
                • When adjusting the background picture, picture rotation knob now at the center
                • Picture loading (on new scenario creation) for multiple windows was causing gears to spin indefinitely and requiring program restart

              v 1.1.09

              • Disponible en français – Available in French
              • Disponible en español – Available in Spanish
              • Fixed problem in which pause during playback revealed effects before they were set to come in (via Fade-In When)

              v 1.1.0

              • (Mobile) Made app universal on iOS – same app runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

              v 1.0.95

              New Features

              • Ability to fade-out effects
              • Ability to select elements beneath others (selectable in Edit Sim menu, Selection Rotator)
              • Ability during editing an effect to hide the other effects, so it’s easier to see what you’re doing
              • new effects: Flame Jet, Liquid Pool, and Spout

              Bug Fixes

              • iPad: Corrected issue with full-screen photo sizing
              • Corrected issue with fading in effects immediately (delay was 0, but fade-in was non-zero)
              • iPad: Fixed problem with AngryThinSmoke not appearing and loading
              • Corrected problem with too-fast pressing of BACK and DONE buttons

              v 1.0.5

              New Features

              • Added Pause/Resume/Reset during sim playback
              • Desktop: Pause/resume using spacebar
              • Moved “Rename Element” into Edit Selected Mode, since you can only rename an element that you can identify

              Bug Fixes

              • Corrected bug that left old outline of mask when there was more than one element being masked
              • Desktop: Once registered, watermark does not show up in snapshot
              • Fixed problem where DONE did not disappear when it should
              • Desktop: ‘m’ no longer triggers menu when typing in a text field
              • Cleaned up icon look


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