An environment to create and deploy all-hazards incident simulation training

              SimsUshare CTC is a training system for emergency responders to develop and enhance knowledge, skills and abilities in safely and efficiently managing all types of incidents. Customers can easily and rapidly create training simulations using their own photos and add realistic smoke, fire, and other effects that illustrate real or potential incidents, such as fires, hazardous material spills, natural disasters, road incidents, active threat scenarios, and industrial accidents. Simulations can be shared and deployed in a private environment or across the web as a virtual Command Training Center.

              Complete all-hazard simulations. No hidden fees. No add-on’s needed.

              • EMT Program Coordinator & Fire Captain
                I wanted to tell you how much [SimsUshare] has helped me with training of captain candidates. I just finished teaching a strategy and tactics class for my department, and it was a valuable tool.
                EMT Program Coordinator & Fire Captain
              • Robert M. Kovach, Battalion Chief EMS/Training
                I appreciate the help, your product is excellent. I just heard about it from an adjoining fire agency and built two promotional simulations.  I will keep using it.
                Robert M. Kovach, Battalion Chief EMS/Training
                Carpinteria - Summerland Fire Protection District
              • Scott Carrigan, Fire Chief
                I have recently done a few presentations demonstrating your product and I believe I stated that it was probably the best investment for the money that a fire department could make in terms of training…. I have been with you guys from the beginning…. Right now we are starting a collaboration with 5 fire departments where we will be doing monthly officer training using the command training center function. I’ve been testing it out and so far all is working well.
                Scott Carrigan, Fire Chief
                Salisbury Fire Department
              • Mark Rossi
                I can honestly say I am extremely happy with this investment I made in my company. Your software is easy to use and has been a "game changer" for my consulting business. I will be a lifelong customer.
                Mark Rossi
                Rockstar Training & Consulting, LLC
              • Trevor Peisley
                I train people in fire and emergencies here in Australia and your app has been a godsend. As most of my training is on site and site specific they love it when I “burn’ their building down, or even better, blow it up. The new elements you keep adding make it real for simulated scenarios and assessing what people would and can do in the emergency situations SimsUshare can create. Mate, your imagination is your limit, and I would recommend this app to any emergency organisation for scenario based training. Believe it or not, I even saw a headline news fire on TV about 6 months ago where I am sure they used this program to simulate the fire, there you go, it looked so real.
                Trevor Peisley
                Hotfire Training Services, Emu Plains NSW, Australia
              • Tony Escobedo, Fire Battalion Chief
                Your program allowed us to create a myriad of scenarios that we used to put our officers through this critical and significant training endeavor. Thanks to you and your program, this training has resulted in successful and meaningful training that magnifies that skill set of our officers and amplifies the safety of our entire operations on the fire ground. Your program was easy to set up and very user friendly. The program worked outstanding and without glitches. I hope to use your program for future training needs and seeking to have it used as the primary tool for every one of our stations (24). I thank you once again for your professional and impeccable customer service!
                Tony Escobedo, Fire Battalion Chief
                Fresno City Fire Department
              • Tim Bush
                What a great product. I have used it a few times and it was very easy to use, but also very powerful!
                Tim Bush
                Assistant Fire Chief at Maple Grove Fire Department
              • Asst Chief Daniel A. French
                ...[M]y department has just completed our 3rd promotional process utilizing the Sims-U-Share product and we couldn't be happier.  The product is easy to use and provides the opportunity for our candidates to react to realistic scenarios that are tailored to our specific needs and employs buildings and hazards that are culled from our unique response area. Thanks for putting out such a user friendly product.
                Asst Chief Daniel A. French
                Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS
              • Danny Allaire
                This app is incredible. I love it. I made 2 or 3 quick sims and it works perfectly....I had no problem swapping my sims from PC to mobile. Thanks for the fast answer and the platinum licence. You and your team are the best. I cant wait to show my sims to my collegues.
                Danny Allaire
                Pompier de la ville de Saint-Lazare
              • Android User
                Exceptional Training App Had the opportunity to review earlier versions of this app. It was great then and better now. Easy to use. Great options and interoperability. Superb functions and options. Importing your own fotos is where the app becomes relevant and dynamic. Try it…you’ll like it
                Android User
              • Damon Allen
                This software has been a great tool in educating my crews during downtime and during multi-company training. Keep up the great work.
                Damon Allen
                Battalion Chief, EMT-P at Sumter County Fire and EMS

              How Can Simulation and SimsUshare Help Me?

              All-Hazard Applications

              FIRE & RESCUE
              HAZMAT & INDUSTRIAL
              ACTIVE THREAT & EMS

              CTC Components


              Sim Development Platform

              Simple yet flexible sim development environment for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android to create and display incident simulations based on your photos and our realistic smoke, fire, and other special effects. Use timing and/or mouse clicks to evolve situations in response to changing conditions and crew actions.


              Cloud Training Management

              With little to no IT setup, you can run exercises on multiple screens at the same time–in the same room or across your region. Our customers say this is a game changer, since no other photo-based simulation platform offers these functions. SimsUshare CTC lets you conduct multi-company exercises through the Internet or an optional local (LAN) server, and use the cloud to share your simulations across your Department (“Sim Cloud”).


              Continuing Education

              A growing catalog of ‘train-the-trainer’ materials, continuing education modules, and workshops enhanced with simulations to help you

              content you can purchase with pre-made simulations and curricula

              at your location

              free online classes for sim development

              Packages and Pricing



              per month



              per year

              individuals, freelance instructors and small departments with one or two sim developers



              per year

              small to medium sized departments who need multiple sim developers and use simulations on a weekly or monthly basis



              per year

              medium-to-large departments and training organizations who use simulations on a weekly or more frequent basis



              per year

              Large organizations or regions who need dedicated resources and flexibility

              Support and Training

              All packages include web tutorials, SimsUshare Academy free self-paced classes, and telephone support
              (M-F, 9am-5pm Eastern Time)

              Writing a grant or need to customize a package?

              We can do that! Click here for more details about “Packages & Pricing”

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