Fire Simulator Packages

CTC Starter

  • 1 Sim Builder License
  • Unlimited Local Storage
  • 3 Web Participants
  • Cloud Storage for 25 Sims

CTC Custom

Pricing Varies
  • Let us create
  • a customized
  • system to meet
  • the size
  • and training
  • needs of your
  • agency!

Trusted by agencies worldwide.

SimsUshare is the most affordable command, safety, fire, and all-hazards simulator on the market. Our philosophy is that you only should pay for what you need. Choose a package shown here or CONTACT US to customize CTC packages for one that meets your organization’s needs.

Please note: all prices are in US Dollars (USD). We accept all major credit cards and Purchase Orders.

All annual subscriptions come with our no-questions-asked, 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Fire Department city of New York
Boston Fire Department
Burleson fire department
Baltimore city fire service
Mass department of fire services
Santa Monica Fire Department


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A subscription license can ‘float’ among devices running different platforms, so long as only one device has been activated at a time (per license).

For example, suppose you purchase SimsUshare for Android from Google Play. If you purchase a subscription license from us, you can apply that license (called an Enterprise license, on mobile) to your Android device to get enhanced features, or apply it to another computer or device (Windows, Mac, or iOS), so long as you logout/deactivate the license from the Android device.

A subscription license on Windows devices allows all users (even with separate logins) on the computer to create/edit.

If you selected auto-pay when you originally signed up for your subscription, you must call us at +1.215.627.8146 or email us at [email protected] to cancel your subscription.


You do NOT need to purchase separate licenses between your own iPhone/iPad. Similarly, you do NOT need to purchase separate licenses between your Android devices registered on Google Play. This does not mean if you buy it for iOS, you get it for Android, too, rather, the license extends across all devices for that platform according to Apple’s and Google’s policies for your own personal devices.

However, if your department has purchased multiple mobile devices, according to Apple’s and Google’s policies, you need to acquire the app for each device, despite the fact your IT department may use the same Apple ID or Google ID for all devices.



Check out what our customers have to say about SimsUshare.


This software has been a great tool in educating my crews during downtime and during multi-company training. Keep up the great work.

Damon Allen,
Battalion Chief, EMT-P
Sumter County Fire and EMS

… [M]y department has just completed our 3rd promotional process utilizing the SimsUshare product and we couldn’t be happier. The product is easy to use and provides the opportunity for our candidates to react to realistic scenarios that are tailored to our specific needs and employs buildings and hazards that are culled from our unique response area. Thanks for putting out such a user friendly product.

Asst Chief Daniel A. French
Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS

I wanted to tell you how much SimsUshare has helped me with training of captain candidates. I just finished teaching a strategy and tactics class for my department, and it was a valuable tool.

EMT Program Coordinator & Fire Captain

This app is incredible. I love it. I made 2 or 3 quick sims and it works perfectly….I had no problem swapping my sims from PC to mobile. Thanks for the fast answer and the platinum license. You and your team are the best. I cant wait to show my sims to my colleagues.

Danny Allaire
Pompier de la ville de Saint-Lazare