SimsUshare Features

Discover the features that make our fire simulator the #1 tool in the industry!

SimsUshare Fire training simulator

Here are the features that make us the most versatile fire simulator on the market.

Use Your Own Pictures

Create the realism you need by including pictures of buildings and structures within your response area. Also add images of your apparatus and tools for a fully immersive experience.

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Support Your Critical Training Requirements

SimsUshare’s customizable training environment creates the conditions and elements you need for company officer, incident command, and size-up training. You are only limited by your creativity!

Conduct Remote or In Person Real-Time Simulation Training

Flexibility is key and SimsUshare allows you to conduct real time simulation training, regardless of participant location – virtual or on-site.
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Embed Your Simulations

Embed your sims directly into your LMS, website, or emails for easy access.

Build Simulations Across all Industries

First response training goes beyond fire departments. SimsUshare is the proven leader in other first-response environments like the military, industrial safety, schools, and more!

SimsUshare Features
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Interactive Walkthroughs

Create interactive walkthroughs of any building through a simple click of a button.

Promotional Exams

SimsUshare is the perfect tool to create promotional exam scenarios that provide instant performance feedback to your team members.

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SimsUshare Fire training Features

Simple to Use

Let’s face it, complicated tools don’t get used! Unlike others, SimsUshare is incredibly intuitive and easy to learn – your team will actually use it! There is nothing to download and we have tons of helpful tutorials to guide you. We also have a highly responsive support team ready to help if needed.

Evolve Simulation Conditions

Conditions change and SimsUshare lets you configure your simulations to change conditions on the ground based on elapsed time or participant decisions.

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Built-In Checklist Functionality

Easily create helpful checklists, so participants can follow prescribed SOP’s and protocol.

Internal Messaging

SimsUshare’s built-in messaging function allows participants to communicate with each other in real time.