Developer Resources

You can find more video tutorials in our Webinar Archives and on our YouTube channel.

Advanced Development Skills

Click here for the transcript.

Transferring Sims among Devices and Making Videos from Sims

If you have a CTC subscription, you can use the SimCloud/CTC to transfer (upload/download) sims and share them across devices. See the CTC/SimCloud Help section below. However, the following videos show how to copy sims manually from device to device, as well as record a video of a sim in Windows.

Setting up SimsUshare on a Shared Network

The following videos show you how to setup SimsUshare to run off a shared network folder.

CTC/SimCloud Quick Start Tutorials

The SimsUshare Command Training Center (CTC) gives you the ability to share simulations among colleagues and devices through the cloud (“SimCloud”), and conduct multi-company exercises from sims you upload. The exercises are run over the Internet, so your participants (and instructor!) can be virtually anywhere geographically.

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