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Developer Resources

Advanced Development Skills

Transferring Sims among Devices and Making Videos from Sims

If you have a CTC subscription, you can use the SimCloud/CTC to transfer (upload/download) sims and share them across devices. See the CTC/SimCloud Help section below. However, the following videos show how to copy sims manually from device to device, as well as record a video of a sim in Windows.

Setting up SimsUshare on a Shared Network

The following videos show you how to setup SimsUshare to run off a shared network folder.

CTC/SimCloud Quick Start Tutorials

The SimsUshare Command Training Center (CTC) gives you the ability to share simulations among colleagues and devices through the cloud (“SimCloud”), and conduct multi-company exercises from sims you upload. The exercises are run over the Internet, so your participants (and instructor!) can be virtually anywhere geographically.