Accessing and Uploading Fire Simulations Into Your SimsUshare SimCloud


Hello. This video is going to be about how to put your simulations into your SimCloud storage area so you can share your simulations across devices and run multiplayer exercises. So in your SimsUshare app, the easiest way to put a simulation into the cloud in your account is to either go edit or play. I’ll just go edit and here, and then in the menu go to Upload Sims. When I click on this I’m given a choice by default of the repositories that can accept uploads. By default we have SimsUshare SimCloud. You can create your own SimCloud as well end in a private server. I hit connect, and now I get the username, password. Enter those credentials, hit okay. Now, you have to be an admin for your account to be able to upload scenarios. I see the scenarios on my device over here on the left and which ones are on the SimCloud already on the right. And I can say, List Sims. So this is the one I’m going to transfer. I click List Sims, that shows me what’s there already. I have two––ISO and Wayne Street. So if I want to transfer let’s say residential, I click residential, I hit the greater than. Let’s say I transfer Wayne Street SFR, and up comes a message, there’s a conflict. I have to either overwrite the simulation in the SimCloud or copy it to a new sim. I’m going to copy it to a new sim and see how that works. So now I hit start, it packages and transfers each of the simulations. Now you’ll notice some extra stuff on Wayne Street. We’ll see in a moment what that means.

Now I’m going to go over to my SimCloud and I login as usual, and then what I do is I go to simulations. Notice here now I have residential which I brought up there, and now I have Wayne Street 224. That’s a timestamp, so that makes a different completely separate copy of the simulation. And I can see residential, I just go here and preview it. You can see now it’s come over as the scenario. And so now it’s up in my SimCloud. Now I can download it here if I download it, that brings it on to my local computer and I can actually put it into SimsUshare, into the documents SimsUshare Sims folder the way I can normally copy simulations. So that gives you a chance to download that scenario.

Now you’ll notice here as well that it says public, right now in testing it’s set to public by default. That’s going to mean that you’re going to be able to view the simulation outside of the CTC app. But we really want it to be private by default. So that’s how it’s going to be after the testing period. Private means you only can view the simulation inside the CTC app, like in a multiplayer exercise. So to change it from public to private, you go and say details, and you say it’s not public. Now you’ll notice there’s also “Add” here, add a simulation. What this does is you can upload a simulation through the web app and you do that by making a zip file of your simulation from your my documents SimsUshare sims folder. So let’s actually go over and actually take a look at that. If I were to go and add a file, so I’m going into my documents, SimsUshare Sims, and let’s say over here I have like Cadillac, I’m going to right click over here, and I’m going to say send to compressed zip folder. So it’s a zip file, I open it there, and in a moment there is Cadillac Bar. So I can add it. The difference between Add and Update––notice Update here––so that’s if I want to overwrite an existing one. So if I had changed Cadillac Bar, it’s the same process of choosing a zip file, but it would be overwriting an existing, whichever one is selected. That gives you a sense about how to upload.

Now also in the download, you follow basically the same pattern. So download now, you’ve got a repository SimCloud, and here’s how I can actually bring down a scenario, I just choose whichever one here from the repository, let’s say Wayne Street, this one, I click on that, and now I’m able to stay and now it’s going to be downloading Wayne Street at single family residence, this copy of it. And it’s unpacking it and in a moment it installs, and then you’ll see it’s over there as different from Wayne Street. These are two separate scenarios. Now when you actually go into play and do multiplayer, so let’s say we go over here and you’ll see later how we enter multiplayer exercise, when you are running an exercise, SimsUshare looks to see if it has the scenario already downloaded. If it does, it’ll let you go through. If it doesn’t, it automatically downloads it so you don’t have to actually pre-download it or anything into SimsUshare. That gives you the idea about how to use the SimCloud, how to upload your simulations, how to download them, and then what to expect when you use them inside of a simulation.
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