Introducing SimsUshare CTC (Command Training Center)

The modern and convenient way to conduct computerized “table-top” exercises in which you can control multiple participants on the virtual fireground in the same room or across your first-due area.

SimsUshare CTC is very IT-friendly because it only requires a browser – no per-machine installs, fees, or complications! It can run either on the Internet or on a private network. Your sims are stored in a secure cloud database or on your local network, making it easy to distribute and share your sims across your department.

Currently in Public Beta — request login credentials below or email us at

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Main Features and Benefits

  • Connect and control multiple units in the same exercise
  • No tedious or lengthy installs – software runs through regular browsers, even mobile devices!
  • Keep sim participants in their stations, minimizing need for backfill and logistic expenses
  • Configurable with multiple or unlimited number of units and concurrent exercises
  • Starting price is included in SimsUshare Platinum subscription!
SimsUShare - Easy & Rapid Fire Simulation Building Software


CTC functionality is included in your current SimsUshare Platinum and SimsUshare Network subscriptions.

Package Pricing
PackageAnnual Price (US $)training# of Platinum (Developer) Seats# of SimCloud SimsTotal space for sims**Concurrent ExercisesParticipants per ExerciseShared or Private Server


$139.95/yearweb / phone1318 Mb14shared


$845/yearweb / phone71272 Mb212shared


$1,475/yearweb / phone1225250 Mb524shared


$4,750/year$4,950 (3 day on-site expenses included***)505008 Gb100
50private URL

* Gold customers can create multiple “Departments”, each with their own space for simulation
** Maximum sim size (zipped) is 20Mb, contact us to request an exception
*** Includes assumption of $1,600 travel and logistics expense. Travel and logistics expenses may vary depending on actual costs

Grant Packages

Is your Department applying for a grant that only pays for a limited number of years? You can select the components you want and pay up front for SimsUshare CTC to reduce or eliminate future annual fees. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

One-Time Sales

SimsUshare CTC On-Site

For customers who cannot/do not want to run the CTC on the Internet, the SimsUshare CTC On-Site includes a compact Linux server and wireless router to connect virtually any number of participants. Only available for purchase to customers with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold subscription, the CTC On-Site is your’s to keep and use perpetually for a one-time fee of US $3,975. Customers who continue their Bronze, Silver, or Gold subscriptions also receive updates for their CTC On-Site and can synchronize files between the CTC On-Site and their online portal.

On-Site Training & Workshops

See our Training and Workshops page for complete details.

Note: For customizations, please contact us. Customers may upgrade package levels at any time, for the prorated cost of the new package. A customer may downgrade package levels on their renewal date. Regardless of changes, the customers can keep all sims made to the date of change. If a customer chooses not to renew, the customer will have the option to download their work for use in the free sim viewer.