Enabling Both Public (Network Shared) Fire Simulations and a Private Sims Area


One question we get at SimsUshare is whether it’s possible to share simulations with your department over a network but also have a special place that you create simulations just for private use, for example if you’re developing a promotional exam, you don’t want to share those sims but you do want to share other sims on your network for your department. So the example here, the public area will enable personnel to share or use simulations on your network. In the private area, you’ll be able to create or edit sims for example, for a promotion, that are not shared. And also, can you make it easy to transfer sims among those folders?

So for example, if we open up SimsUshare, you’ll see here I’ve set it up such that if I now go to edit or play, we have my simulations which are actually private which are in my documents folder typically, and then I have shared sims which are set up on a network. So this video’s going to show you how to do this.

So I’ve reset things. If I open SimsUshare and I go here, this is probably what you’ll see. You‘ve got your simulations here, you don’t see any second folders or third folders. So what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to say, first find where your SimsUshare application is located on your network. Now often, if you put it on your network, I just made this network here, I’m going to actually show you, on my network I have it in a subfolder down here and you’ll see the application SimsUshare.exe. That’s the place we want to find because we need to modify a file that is central to anyone who opens the application. So if I go back here, my step 2 is open the config folder. I go back to open the config folder, and now I’m going to edit the simfolders.xml file. I’m going to right click here, I’m going to use a program called Notepad++. You can use WordPad or NotePad. So inside here, it has a lot of instructions here which you can read, but the key thing is inside right here the simfolders. What I’m going to do is I’m going to just add in a line and I’m going to say simfolder title=”Shared Sims” and the path will be “E:\Dept Sims”. This is going to be the shared public folder and I’m going to use my network here. If you don’t have a network drive letter like this, you could also use the UNC path, whatever your administrator has set up. The UNC path is probably better.

So I’m doing here is I’m going to save the file, and now when I actually run SimsUshare from my location, you’ll see here I now have this extra folder here which by default when it sees an empty folder it adds a welcome sim. So now the shared sims are in the public space. My simulations are private that are in my document folder. If I wanted to move something, let’s say I was working on this PA 4 Rig, and now I want to bring it over into the shared sims folder, I just click on Pa 4 Rig, I go here and I say copy Sim to. And it will ask me which folders I want. I want to copy it to my Shared Sim folder. It’ll ask me what the name of it is. I’ll just say PA 4 Rig, hit copy. Now you’ll see I have it both on my public shared area and still in my private area. These are separate simulations, so if I were to edit it in the public area, the changes would not affect my private sim and vice versa. This is an easy way you can do to take the simulations when you’re ready from the private area and move them into the public area. Now, you’re not only limited to have one sim folder. You can make other sim folders, as many as you’d like, and you can read other different options like making the sims options read-only if other people in your department have SimsUshare with licenses.

So that is a brief example about how to create your sims in a public area area for sharing across your network and in a private area where you can work on them with other people. Of course your private area has to be detected by the operating system so that other people can’t look at it. If your private area happens to be on a network then you want to make sure that other people should not be able to look into that folder because then they can muck around in that folder.

So please email us with any questions. Hope you enjoyed this. Thank you.
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