Evolving a SimsUshare Fire Simulation with a Keystroke or Button Press


This video is going to show how to evolve a simulation with a keystroke or a button press. So to have a simulation evolve, you view the locations both as locations like Alpha, Bravo, etc., and conditions like Alpha Incipient, Alpha Freeburn, Extension, etc. In other words, you set up different slides and then link the arrows in the navigation to the condition you want to trigger. For example, in this sim we set the center up button to trigger an extension of the fire, like this. In reality there are two slides and we connect those slides with one of those arrows. On the Windows and Mac you can use a keystroke to trigger the navigation like this. In this case, the up and then the down arrow, but if you hide the navigation cluster like this, SimsUshare sets up different regions of the screen you can tap on, called tap regions, to trigger the location or condition change. 

This is designed so you can set it up so your students don’t see which condition you’re triggering. So let’s create a simple sim with an evolving condition. Let’s go to new, say “Gas,” select photo from disk, select our picture, let’s put some light smoke in, laminar, we’ll color that, make it a little bit more transparent. So let’s say that’s our first condition. And when we trigger a button we’re going to make it show heavier smoke and fire out the window. What I do is I go to location menu, create a new location, I’m going to call this one “Smoke and Fire,” I’m not going to change the background here because I’m going to use the same assets and the background as the initial location. When I don’t set a background, it automatically uses the background from whatever I’m copying. So I create it here. But now if we look at our location menu, we have both an initial location and a smoke and fire location, and we’re right here at the smoke and fire location. Maybe a better name rather than smoke and fire, something like a “free burn.” Click yes. 

Now what I can do is I can remove my light smoke and replace it with let’s say, a heavier smoke condition. I’ll just darken this down a bit and I’ll add some fire, and now I have my freeburn condition and I have my initial location. So what I’m going to do now is say set the navigation, I’m sitting it from initial location, and I typically use this inside button to go up a condition, but you can use any arrow. Click on it and I say when you click on this, go to the free burn. Because the reciprocal navigation is set it automatically will say from the free burn, use the down arrow and it will take you back to initial location. Let me rename this initial location to say, this may be like “A Incipient.” And I’m going to go here to say, instead of just freeburn, I’m going to call this one “A freeburn.” And since I’ve already set my navigation, let me go back down to my incipient, I hit play, and now when I press this key, it goes to the freeburn. And I can use the keyboard which is the down arrow to go back there, or if I hide the navigation cluster, I can use the tab region, which is up here, to change the condition. This can obviously be done with multiple locations and as you decrease your fire you can also connect that increased condition to a circuit around the building and through the building so you can evolve the condition and show different conditions in the various proper locations. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]