Starter Fire Simulations

Get up and running quickly and easily with these free fire simulation starter packages. 

A set of basic simulations designed to help you get started, including a couple of typical single-family residentials, an urban mid-rise apartment house, a small propane delivery company, and a size-up sim with 5 commercial structures.

SimCloud Username & Password: starter-sims-1

Commercial Size-up’s

A series of five commercial buildings (AutoZone garage, Burger King fast-food restaurant, Fair N’ Square super market, Home Depot big box, and a restaurant in an old strip mall), each with a few views each to practice your size-ups.

ISO In Action JIBC

House with roof collapse option to mimic incident described in Dave Dodson’s Fire Department Incident Safety Officer, Chapter 2.

Residential Free-Burn

Two-story single-family residence with 2-car garage in center.

TCFD Apartment Building

Fire in upper floor apartment.

TCFD Single Family Residence

Heavy conditions on arrival, extension to send floor, and knockdown conditions.

TruGas Propane

Fire in office of small commercial propane delivery company.