Moving your License to a Different Device

1. On the main screen, go to the menu in the top right and click on “Help”. Copy your License Code to a safe place.

SimsUshare License

2. Next, go to the main screen menu and click on “Manage License” (for Windows/Mac) or “Logout” (for iOS/Android).

SimsUshare Manage License

Windows or Mac

SimsUshare Menu

iOS or Android

3. Click on “Deactivate on this Device” (Windows/Mac), or “Logout” (iOS/Android).

Deactivating a License on this device

Windows or Mac

License Expires

iOS or Android

4. Click “Yes” to confirm that you want to deactivate/log out from this device.

Deactivating a License

Note: Functionality on Windows/Mac returns to the Free Sim Viewer. On iOS and Android, it returns to the original capabilities on purchase from the App Store/Google Play. On all platforms, you can continue to play your simulations.

5. Click here for instructions on how to install and activate license on another device.