Changing Fire Simulation Effect Characteristics


Each effect in your fire simulation can be changed as to color, effect, speed, opacity, etc. This guide shows you how to access and change an effect’s properties / characteristics.

  1. Click on Edit.SimsUshare Fire Simulator Dashboard
  2. Select the simulation you would like to edit.Selecting a Fire Simulation
  3. Select an effect to edit by clicking on it. If an effect is behind other effects, use the Selection Rotator to isolate it, then click on the effect. To change an effect’s characteristics, click on the pencil button and choose from the menu.Selecting a Fire Simulation Effect
  4. For most characteristics, a slider will appear that allows you to increase or decrease the value. For a more precise adjustment, a number value can be entered in the box.Fire Simulation Effects Slider
  5. Set the “Hide Other Elements” switch to Yes if you want to temporarily hide all the effects except for the one you are editing.Hide Other Elements in Fire Simulation
  6. When finished, click the DONE button. All changes are saved automatically.Saving changes to fire simulation
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