Timing Fire Simulation Effects to Fade In or Fade Out


Learn how to make your effects fade in or fade out based on evolving conditions in your fire simulation.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]All effects can be set to fade-in (appear) at a given time and most effects can also be set to fade-out (disappear).

  1. Open the simulation in Edit mode. Choose the effect to add fade-in or fade-out timing. Select the pencil button and click on “Delay Timing,” and “Fade-in Settings“.Editing a fire simulation
  2. Two sliders will appear––Fade-in When (meaning when should the effect start to appear) and Fade-in Duration (meaning how long should it take to become fully visible). You can use the sliders to set values or type a value (in seconds) in the corresponding box above the slider.Fade In Duration Slider for fire simulation effects
  3. Click on the DONE button, then click the (PLAY) button to test the fade-in.Testing out fire simulation effects
  4. To have an effect fade-out, choose the effect then press the pencil button. Select “Delay Timing”, and “(+) Fade-Out“.Delay timing for fire simulation effects
  5. A new item called “Fade-out Settings” will appear. Click on “Fade-out Settings“.Fire Simulation Effect Fade Out Settings
  6. Two sliders will appear––”Fade-out When” and “Fade-out Duration“. Use the slider to set the value, or type desired value into the corresponding box above the slider. Click DONE when finished editing the timing for this effect.Fade Out Duration Settings for Fire Simulation Effects
  7. From the menu, choose “Show Location Timeline” to see the sequence and timing (in seconds) of all fade-ins and fade-outs at that  location.Show location timeline for fire simulation effects
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