Uploading and Emailing Fire Simulations


You can share your fire simulations in may ways. Here we describe how to email a simulation for viewing.

  1. From the main SimsUshare screen, click on either Edit or Play, then choose “Upload Sims“.Uploading Fire Sims to SimsUshare
  2. Select “SimsUshare SimCloud” and press Connect. You will then be prompted for your CTC login credentials.Connecting to SimsUshare SimCloud
  3. When your credentials are accepted, a screen will appear that allows you to upload sims you select to the cloud. On the left side of the screen are sims on your device. Note: You may need to click and drag upward with your finger or mouse to see all the sims listed. Select a sim and click on the arrow (>) button to transfer it to the box on the right. When you are finished selecting all the sims you want to upload, press “START.”Transferring fire simulations to SimsUshare SimCloud
  4. Log into your CTC account at https://ctc.simsushare.com and go to the “Simulations” tab. Select a sim you want to make accessible for emailing/embedding, then press the “Sim Embedding” tab. Finally, press the “Allow Sim Embedding” button.Allowing fire simulation embedding
  5. SimsUshare will present three boxes with links you can copy. For emailing a sim, use the middle box (marked Email Code). Press the documents icon on the right of the box to copy the link into your clipboard.
  6. Compose your email and paste the link in place.Emailing a fire simulation
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