Incident Command Simulator

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Incident Command SimulatorSimsUshare is an incident command simulator that enables realistic and customizable simulation training for all of your safety, security, and emergency response teams. Using a highly intuitive user interface to visualize virtually any type of facility (interior and exterior) or physical location using your own photos, you can use SimsUshare to build the most complex challenges to test your teams wherever they happen to be. Choose from a variety of built-in fire, smoke, and HazMat effects–or your own victims, tools, and photos–to recreate virtually any scenario.

SimsUshare brings together all the essential components to create and deliver incident command training in a single, affordable package with an easy-to-use interface. In the past, simulators have been expensive and complex tools used by only agencies who could spend thousands of dollars or more. Now you can affordably meet a critical need: better preparedness for managing any sized-potential incidents and events.

SimsUshare is a full spectrum training solution designed for incident command and management teams. It allows beginners who have never used incident command software to quickly build and share realistic incident command simulations. 

SimsUshare is a state of the art incident command simulator that allows the user to activate and manage emergency responses in 100% customizable true-to-life scenarios, with training focused exclusively on the tasks that are most critical to manage the incident.

Our product has helped thousands of organizations and professionals to improve their ability to respond to critical incidents. The ability to “train as you fight” is essential. As time passes, teams need to continually develop competencies and practice the perishable skills they need for an effective response. That’s what SimsUshare does—it safely trains the real-world skills needed for effective incident management and emergency operation center responses.

SimsUshare can be integrated into any current or customized incident command training, from small incidents to large, multi-agency response exercises, to simulate a wide variety of emergency scenarios ranging from large structural fires, wildand, HazMat, transportation accidents, natural disasters, EMS to active threat and terrorist attack situations. In addition, SimsUshare allows your training staff to control the participants in the training event, as well as a wide range of scenario parameters and behaviors behind the scenes as the simulation is running.

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