SimsUshare Mutual Aid

SimsUshare Mutual Aid allows subscribers to easily share training simulations and tactical evaluation sheets. Imagine hundreds of free simulations at your fingertips created by fellow sim developers all over the world. These simulations bring together the collective training knowledge and experience of experts in their fields. Do you have simulations to contribute, to help other users and demonstrate your work? Why create a simulation from scratch if it already exists, is easily accessible, and can be edited according to your needs locally? SimsUshare’s Mutual Aid opens the door to new ideas and collaboration on training projects.

When you open the CTC, you will notice a new tab called “Mutual Aid”. Click on this tab to open a large gallery of simulations and tactical evaluation sheets that can be filtered by category or key word (see #4, #5, and #6 in image on the right). You can click on any simulation (#1 in image) that interests you to preview it, click #2 to ‘Show Details’ about the sim, or click on #3 (‘Import Sim’) to add it to your account. Once added to your account, you can use it or edit it as you wish.

Help Others by Contributing Your Sim(s) and Evaluations!

Why not pay it forward by contributing a few of your sims and evaluation sheets?

Contributing only takes a minute and you are helping the community enormously. To contribute your sim, go to the Simulations tab and click on the sim you want to contribute, then press “Contribute Sim to Mutual Aid” (see image on the right). A pop-up windows appears (shown below that image) in which you fill out information about your sim. When you are done, make sure to read the hyperlink (essentially only share sims you have created or modified, with pictures you have the right to use) and click the box to “I agree to terms and conditions”. Your sim will be added to the gallery — and you will gain the respect and gratitude of your fellow instructors!

Submitting evaluation sheets is just as simple but they are located in the Exercises tab. Just to note, our team periodically reviews the contributed sims for quality control, so we may make a few tweaks for consistency. If you spot anything amiss, please let us know!

Mutual Aid FAQ

Is there a cost for this feature?

Absolutely not, it is included in your SimsUshare subscription, and only available to SimsUshare subscribers.

How can I set the gallery image (thumbnail) for my submitted sim?

One option when contributing your sim is to upload a thumbnail image, maximum 100kb. You can use jpeg, png, or gif files.

I contributed a sim to Mutual Aid, but now want to change (or remove) it. How do I do that?

To change a sim you have contributed, please contact us and let us know which sim you’d like to change or remove. You can always make your changes and resubmit the sim, but please let us know so we can remove any earlier versions.

How can I include additional training material for my submitted sim?

We are working on this feature which will be available in a future release.

Can I make requests for sims I want to see?

Absolutely, just reach out to us by calling or filling out our contact form. We are always looking out for how we can better serve our customers.