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SimsUshare is the #1 fire simulator. SimsUshare will allow you to safely study fire and other emergency incidents as they unfold. You can customize each scenario according to the skills that you would like to test, and conduct live trainings with other members of your team.

SimsUshare is a #1 Fire Simulatorversatile training simulation software: a virtual incident command simulator, fire simulator, HazMat simulator, safety simulator, command training center, all rolled into one! Easily and rapidly create training simulations using your own photos. Add realistic smoke, fire, and other effects to create an unlimited number of incidents. Connect your crews to run sims everywhere!

Benefits for Fire and Emergency Response organizations:

  • Train your firefighters to make better decisions

  • Striking realism based on your own local photos replicates real-life scenarios

  • Multiple perspectives, inside and outside of location to enhance collaboration and teamwork skills

  • Each responder/crew can have own view and move independently, with instructor seeing and managing all participants

  • Fire and smoke realistically progress as time goes on

  • Run exercises ONLINE with NO software downloads or installs

  • Option to embed fully interactive, self-running sims in web pages and your LMS

#1 Fire Simulator: SimsUshare CTC Packages & Pricing

SimsUshare is the #1 fire simulator and the most affordable command, safety, and all-hazards simulator on the market. Our philosophy is that you only should pay for what you need. Choose a package shown here or CONTACT US to customize CTC packages for one that meets your organization’s needs.

Please note: all prices are in US Dollars (USD). We accept all major credit cards and Purchase Orders.

All annual subscriptions come with our no-questions-asked, 30-day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.



create up to five (5) sims at a time

CTC Starter


1 Developer License
Unlimited Local Storage
2 Web Exercises with 3 Participants Total
10 Cloud Sim (“SimCloud“) Storage Capacity


$18 monthly

CTC Custom

<contact for quote>

Create the ideal package that meets your needs, for example:

# Developer Licenses
# Web Exercises with # Participants Total
# Cloud Sim (“SimCloud“) Storage Capacity
On-Site CTC Server
iPads/Android/Laptops & case
Custom Sims for You
On-Site Training Classes

CTC Advanced
(with CTC On-Site Server)


first year

$495 annual maintenance & upgrades after first year*

CTC On-Site Server | Firefighter Training Simulator Cost

* maintenance & upgrades included in the first year. $495 is based on the options described.

This package is designed for advanced flexibility to meet your training and fire/command/safety simulator needs. The included equipment provides on-site exercises without needing Internet access. Also, it includes an account with full-access to our web-based exercise software. The package includes:

  • SimsUshare On-Site server with high-capacity sim storage and multi-screen exercises;
  • License for 3 developers;
  • Unlimited On-Site simulations;
  • Unlimited On-Site exercises;
  • Unlimited On-Site exercise participants;
  • Your web-based account includes:

Web-based account can be customized. Please CONTACT US.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us by filling out the form below or calling us at (215) 627-8146.