Using Photos4Sims for Fire & Safety Simulations

Photos4Sims: Your Photo Source for Fire and Safety Simulations

You can’t make simulations without pictures. Taking a few pictures for a basic simulation is easy enough—your smartphone likely has a suitable camera that will do the job. However, many sim developers have found that putting together a complete set of pictures of the right subject in the right conditions may not be quite so simple. A detailed photo shoot can easily consume hours of valuable time. Access and permissions create other hurdles. To save time, you could search for pictures on stock photo sites, the Internet, or realtor web sites, but in most cases these sources do not provide enough pictures for making more than basic simulations.

As sim developers ourselves, we recognized there was a big need for a dedicated photo resource containing quality pictures and picture sets. Therefore, we developed a new stock photo/clip art site for fire and safety simulations called Photos 4 Sims™.

At, you’ll find everything you typically use when creating simulations. Picture sets of different types of construction and interiors along with lots of sim assets such as vehicles and tools are organized and easily searchable by categories. Photos4Sims™ is a dynamic website that will continue to expand with new photo packages each month!

While SimsUshare is spearheading this effort, you can use the photos you buy for any simulation tool or training purpose, so long as you do not share or resell the photos. Come take a look at If you don’t see what you are looking for, add your own request or vote on requests others have made. We have a lot more packages in the pipeline, so your input greatly helps us know what sim developers are looking for. We can keep you up to date with new packages through our handy ‘Receive Notifications’ feature. Photos4sims contributors are fellow sim developers and experts in fire and safety training. If you have a collection of quality photos that others might be looking for to create simulations, please let us know— we’d love to hear from you.