Sharing Fire Simulations (Sim Developer I)


[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]One way to get your simulations––once you’ve created your simulation, you need to know where that is stored, how to retrieve it, how to take snapshots of it, and basically how to share it with other people. That’s what this lesson’s about. We’re going to go over how you capture a snapshot of a running simulation, how you get the sims off of and onto a device for Windows or Mac, and then also getting a simulation from a web based sim repository, and finally about putting on and taking off simulations from mobile devices, IOS, and Android. 

So let’s start with how you take snapshots of playing simulations. Of course, you open up SimsUshare and you go to play, and then you start running your simulation. Now in the menu it will have right at the top “take a snapshot.” This snapshot will not include the buttons on top but it would include the arrows, so if you don’t want the navigation arrows here you can minimize that and then take your snapshot. If you do want the arrows then you can leave it like that, take a snapshot, it will then say where do you want to save it, and then you can put it over here and say “Wayne Street side A.” So you have to do each side individually. In the Simulation Developer II class, we’ll show how to make videos from your simulations, and you use third-party tools to do that.

One important note is if you are using SimsUshare on iOS, that has a built-in video capture so you can start the video capture, you can do your navigation or whatever, and it will save it onto your camera roll. But that feature is only available in SimsUshare on iOS. If you want to do a video capture on other platforms, look into the Sim Developer II Class, or you can find some of our help tutorials on our page that specifically deals with recording screen animations on the other platforms. 

Let’s now take a look at where your simulations are stored on Windows and Macintosh so you can understand how to get them off from your copy and pass them over to others. So on Windows and Macintosh, the simulations are stored by default in the document folder. SimsUshare makes a folder called “SimsUshare,” and you’ll see three items here: catalog, a sims folder, and your picture cache. Inside your sims folder is where you’ll see all the assets for your simulations. They’re organized under a name that’s similar to the first name that you made for that scenario. So inside here you’ll see all the pictures, you’ll see the definition file. So if you want to copy this over to someone else’s computer or put in a place to share with someone who has SimsUshare, you basically copy the folder and then you put it into their SimsUshare sims folder. Not into their SimsUshare but into their Sims folder, and then when you run SimsUshare it examines the sims folder and if it sees a new simulation, it will tell you that.

In the Sim level 2 developer class, I’m going to show you how you can set up on Windows or Mac shared folders on your network to share simulations easily. But we also have the ability, if you have a web server, to create a repository in which you can put simulations and then download those simulations from on to any device. You can see our repository in action by either going to edit or play. Let’s say I’ll go to play, and then I go to the menu and say “download sims.” It shows me here we have one repository, and here’s where you can add other repositories, which we get to our Sim Developer level three class, when I connect to that repository it gives me a list of the simulations in that repository. I can select whichever one I want, I say which ones do I want to transfer over here. Here it’s saying I already have that same on my computer, so let me just overwrite it, and I hit start. We saw in one of the earlier lessons how we can pull sims down.

So that gives you an overview of how you can share your simulations both by capturing snapshots and then also pulling the simulation off of a device and putting it on to any other device. We’re going to get into many more specifics in level 2 and level 3 Simulation Developer, but this should give you a good way of just being able to get your simulations over to other people and also get other people’s sims onto your device.[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”View All Developer Resources” color=”green” align=”center” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fsimsushare.com%2Fhelp-developer%2F”][/vc_column][/vc_row]