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Take Command:

A Quarterly Newsletter for Fire Departments and Emergency Service Organizations who Use SimsUshare

Take Command is a quarterly newsletter from SimsUshare that provides short, interesting articles about using simulations to enhance training, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses of the SimsUshare team and product development. Customers and prospective customers are automatically subscribed (but can opt-out), however, you don’t have to be a customer to subscribe, just enter your email in the box to the right!

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Summer, 2021

  • Adrenaline Junkies: Fueling our industry: the good and the bad
  • Introducing SimsUshare Tactical Evaluation Sheets: An exciting new feature of SimsUshare CTC! Create evaluation sheets you can use dynamically in your CTC exercises, for evaluating candidates. Get some free evaluation sheets (and share your own) in the SimsUshare Mutual Aid!
  • Customer Profile: Great Oaks Public Safety’s Command and Operations Management School (GO:COMS): A short interview with Chip Rielage, the creator of the only incident command class in the world that officially meets with ProBoard & IFSAC NFPA 1026 certification standards! The interview discusses why this course was developed, how it is different, and what simulations add to the learning experience
  • SimsUshare Tip-of-the-Quarter: Backing up your simulations – critical to know for  for peace-of-mind
  • Quality Simulations Start with Good Background Pictures: Good background photos and perspectives can make or break your sims. Here we present some tips for starting off on the best path.
  • Tying Basic Knots: a short review
  • Visit us at FRI 2021 (booth #5089, July 28-30, 2021) and FDIC 2021 (booth #13036, August 4-7, 2021)

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Spring, 2021

  • Taking Mutual Aid to New Heights: introducing the easiest way for customers to share simulations
  • New CTC Basics tutorials!
  • Complacency–A Silent Killer
  • Did You Know? about the bed key and salvage bags
  • SimsUshare Tip-of-the-Quarter: Keyboard shortcuts
  • Overnight Sensation – 15 Years in the Making: The gripping next chapter of SimsUshare (Part II of II)
  • SimsUshare in VR Headsets: The future is now, use SimsUshare in VR headsets such as the Pico G2 4K
  • Our Authorized Training Partners: Meet our training partners and learn how they can help you!

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Winter, 2021

  • Hindsight is 2020: a personal message from Jonathan Kaye on looking forward to 2021
  • Help – I Need Somebody! New SimsUshare Help resources
  • The Fire Pole: Past, Present (and Future?): The history and (uncertain) future of the iconic fire pole
  • Your Most Valuable Piece of Equipment
  • SimsUshare Tip-of-the-Quarter: Creating conditions/states in simulations the easy way
  • Overnight Sensation – 15 Years in the Making: The SimsUshare story (Part I of II)
  • New SimsUshare Promotional Exam Package: Let us help you take your promotional exams to the next level!

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Fall, 2020

  • Too Much to Do, No Time to Do It: The classic problem with respect to distributing training
  • Lessons that Never Get Old: Timeless advice for effective teaching, from the father of modern education, John Amos Comenius
  • Using your Simulations in Online Learning: Describes ways for using simulations in online training. Includes the new, game-changing feature in SimsUshare that allows you to distribute your simulations effortlessly in email, web pages, and Learning Management Systems (LMS’s)
  • Public Service Rivalry: A lighthearted look at the classic Police vs. Fire ‘rivalry’
  • Announcing free online workshops with your mutual aid partners
  • Reflector 3: app for sharing your screen in the classroom
  • Did You Know? Three key differences in fire services around the world
  • SimsUshare Tip-of-the-Quarter: Options for navigation in your simulations
  • Upcoming & recent webinars

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Fall 2020 Fire Simulator Newsletter

Summer, 2020

  • Adapt or Perish: the wisdom of being prepared to adapt to change
  • Embedding sims in your eLearning and online content 
  • Future Look: What’s Next? Emerging trends and innovations in emergency services
  • Small Town Fire Chief, Part 2: The second Part on reflections of the author’s grandfather’s service to a small town Fire Department
  • 911 – A Brief Timeline – Fun facts and dates about the 911 System
  • Recommended App: ZELLO– A free push-to-talk app for your simulation exercises at a distance
  • SimsUshare Tip-of-the-Quarter: Creating conditions/states in simulations the easy way
  • Exciting Changes in SimsUshare v2.9.4

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SimsUshare Fire Simulator Take Command Summer 2020 Newsletter

Spring, 2020

  • Hats Off to Inventors and Innovators Series: the ‘Super Scooper’ water bomber
  • Looking to Run Training Exercises Online?
  • Photos4Sims.com: the first photo site for simulation developers
  • Small Town Fire Chief, Part 1: Reflections on the author’s grandfather’s service to a small town Fire Department
  • SimsUshare Tip-of-the-Quarter: Merging simulations to manage large sims
  • SimsUshare ‘States’ – a Game Changer! How to model and evolve fireground conditions the easy way, a unique feature of SimsUshare
  • Upcoming & recent webinars

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Take Command Spring 2020 Issue Fire Department Newsletter

Winter, 2020

  • Technology has its Limitations: balancing innovation with preparedness
  • New Free Simulations and 1-Page Quick Start Guides
  • Do You Have a Simulation Program…or a Simulation Training Program? : a new handbook on helping you create a comprehensive and effective training program that uses simulations
  • SimsUshare Tip-of-the-Quarter: Quickly switch among locations for editing
  • Automatic and Mutual Aid: Meeting a Special Training Challenge
  • Bring Back the Fire Dog! A lighthearted look at our traditional mascot
  • Recommended App: Clipping Magic
  • Upcoming & recent webinars and events

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Take Command Winter 2020 Issue Fire Department Newsletter

Fall, 2019

  • Features-versus-functionality: evaluating the functional impact of new features
  • Results from the recent SimsUshare customer survey
  • Keys to classroom instruction: tips on keeping your students engaged
  • SimsUshare Tip-of-the-Quarter: Making sims more realistic by matching brightness/darkness
  • SimsUshare and the FDIC Valor & Courage 5K Fun Run: a personal fun experience
  • Upcoming & recent webinars and events

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SimsUshare Fire Simulator Take Command Fall 2019 Newsletter