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Your purchase was completed successfully. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy SimsUshare!

[/av_textblock] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] If you ever have a question about your order, please Contact Us to let us know. If you lose or misplace your license code, or would like trial licenses for your colleagues, please Contact Us for assistance.

We have an extensive set of videos and documentation on our Help Page, but here are some ideas about how to get started with SimsUshare Platinum:

  1. Activating and deactivating SimsUshare Platinum (1:31)
  2. Overview and making your first sim (3:07)
  3. How to make a sim with multiple views/locations (2:15)
  4. Download example scenarios (2:53)
  5. Frank Lipski’s (FlippedFireTraining.comReview and Demo (10:04)
  6. A few tips about using SimsUshare in the classroom (text)
  7. Our Marketplace is an area for purchasing Fire & Safety training packages that come with pre-built sims.
  8. Our Facebook page (SimsUshare) has photos and links from what we and others have made — please post what you are doing as well
  9. Our Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ), exploring topics like how to make videos from sims, how to put sims in other folders, and how to project the sims (for mobile versions)
  10. Our Help Center, which provides discussion forums, a knowledge base, means to make requests

Of course we welcome your comments and suggestions, please visit our Contact page to reach us. Now go set your world on fire (figuratively, of course, our attorneys remind us)!