Using Fire Simulations for Continuing Education

The typical purpose of using simulations for continuing education is to provide relevant and realistic application of specific concepts. Where possible, it is important to base the simulations off real hazards or incidents in your first-due to make the training relatable.

Monthly, weekly or daily every fire department conducts continuing education training.  This training is necessary to ensure firefighters and officers are trained and ready to respond to whatever emergency may face them on the scene.  Simulation-based training can be used in continuing education training in several ways, such as:

  1. Fireground Tactical Scenarios
  2. Haz-Mat Scenarios
  3. EMS/MCI Scenarios
  4. Developing Recognition-Primed Decision-Making (RPDM)
  5. Size-Up and 360s
  6. Functions and roles of the Incident Command System
  7. Fireground Communications and Radio Systems
  8. Post Incident Analysis
  9. Accountability System Training use and proficiency.

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