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This page gives the download links only for SimsUshare customized for Columbia Southern University.

Click on the Windows or Mac link below for your software to download the latest version – it will open to box.com, then click on “Download zip file”. We recommend that you first uninstall your existing version, then install the new version. The licensing should be preserved across your new install, but please contact us if you need to retrieve your license code again. Since your sims by default are stored in your Documents folder, your uninstall of the existing version should not remove the sims.

  • Windows: Click Here to Download Zipped Windows Installer (at Dropbox.com)
    • To uninstall SimsUshare, open the Control Panel and look for Add/Remove Programs. Find the SimsUshare program in the list and click on the label marked “Uninstall”.
    • To install the program, open the zip file and extract the installer exe file, then run the exe file and follow the instructions.
  • Mac: Our original CSU version does not run on the latest Mac computers because of changes Apple made in late 2019. If you need to run this application on a Mac, please contact us to get a version and license that does work.

CSU Simulations

To download the simulations for the CSU class, please click here. Once downloaded, unzip the file and read the instructions below (or in the enclosed README.txt file) to install it into your system:

This folder contains example CSU Sims for FIR3312. You must have SimsUshare installed to use the scenarios.

To add these sims into your copy of SimsUshare:

1. Close the SimsUshare application.
2. Look in your Documents folder for a folder named “SimsUshare”
3. Go inside that folder, into a folder named “sims”

4. Copy the CSU1 and CSU2 folders into the “sims” folder (see picture above)
5. Restart SimsUshare and it will ask you if you want to add the new sims — click “Add”.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Jonathan Kaye at
215-627-8146 or Contact Us.

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