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SimsUshare is proud to partner with the following companies that share and complement our mission. Please Contact Us if you feel your organization would be a fit for SimsUshare. is on a mission to inspire, teach, mentor, and coach firefighters and fire departments in leadership, team building, tactics, command, promotion and innovative ways of thinking that make the fire service more safe, fun and effective.  SimsUshare is proud to help power that effort in providing simulations and sim technology particularly for the Mastering Fireground Command workshops.

Business Crisis Consultants is a Caribbean-based training provider focused on delivering pre-emptive emergency planning and training solutions, particularly for industrial organizations. is an authorized SimsUshare Training Partner in Germany. Since 2005, has promoted standards in the vocational training and further education of firefighters in the use of aerial appliances. The founders of the Hamburg based company, Jan Ole Unger and Nils Beneke, have developed the Standard Operating Procedure HOUSE* for the use of aerial appliances during operations. For over 10 years, they have instructed firefighters, crews and managers alike, in the use of aerial appliances. In over 250 projects, they have trained more than 3,000 firefighters in eight different countries and on two continents.

FireRescueTV is an interactive digital signage platform for First Responders delivered via the internet. FireRescueTV delivers news broadcasts, video training programs, NOAA weather alerts, historical videos, new product videos, and a system for in-station messages.

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Modern Fire Instructor teaches online and live workshops for Fire Instructors who need to integrate technology into their training. It helps leverage technology & teaching techniques to create modern fire training programs that get better results, are easy to manage, and are much more rewarding. Further, it provides a battle-tested strategic blueprint designed to transform any department training program into a smooth-running machine.

Since 2010 PL Harper Consulting has offered quality fire training, officer development and coaching, and leadership classes through the eastern half of the United States. PL Harper Consulting also offers, Verify IC, which will use your agency’s modus operandi to put your incident commanders to the test, to help your agency develop personnel who can safely and confidently make decisions in line with your department’s policies, guidelines, and priorities.

Soda City Training was founded on the principles of providing serious, realistic, and challenging training opportunities. With more than 30 years of fire service experience in a multitude of roles, the founders of Soda City Training look to help shape the future for progressive groups of fire, EMS, and other high-performance agencies.

Combat Ready Fire  Classes are available in lengths from 90 min to multiple days and class sizes from tens to hundreds. Formats include keynote talks, interactive classroom, hands-on, and combined format programs. All content is customized to meet the needs & goals of the hosting department. Closed and open enrollment classes and fundraising programs are available. Current programs include: ‘Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting’, ‘1st Alarm Strategy & Tactics’, ‘The Engine & The Truck’, ‘Tower Ladder Operations’, and more.

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