SimsUshare Update Downloads

This page is for updating SimsUshare for Windows or Mac. Updates for SimsUshare on mobile platforms (iOS, Android) are handled through the app stores in which you bought the product.

Download the free sim viewer (“Starter” for what was originally called SimsUshare Platinum, and “Bronze/Silver/Gold” for Network). If you have a valid license, it will carry over automatically. If you find it does not, please contact us.

The easiest way to upgrade is to install the new version over the new version over any installed version you have already. You will receive a message about replacing files with the new version, which you should accept. We have found that the Mac will sometimes continue to use the older version, so we recommend uninstalling the app on the Mac. Your simulations will not be touched as they reside in the Documents folder, not alongside the application (though it is a good time to make a backup!).

Uninstalling Previous Version

If you prefer to uninstall your current version, it will not remove your sims because your sims by default are stored in your Documents folder.

  • Windows
    • To uninstall SimsUshare, open the Control Panel and look for Add/Remove Programs. Find the SimsUshare program in the list and click on the label marked “Uninstall”.
  • Mac
    • To install the new version of SimsUshare, simply open the DMG file and drag the SimsUshare icon into the Applications folder icon. The computer will ask you if you want to replace the existing program, to which you reply “Replace”. Do not remove the contents of your SimsUshare folder in your Documents folder–that contains the sims you made with prior versions.

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