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Using Fire Simulations for Industrial Safety Training

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Industrial organizations are all too familiar with the human, community, and business costs of plant accidents. With the quantity and variety of dangerous chemicals that need to be handled, stored, and transported safely, you need effective yet simple ways to ensure personnel are well trained to manage the risks and hazards. SimsUshare is an inexpensive and flexible training and education platform to help you develop and deploy an unlimited number of real life and potential ‘what if’ scenarios, to develop and validate your emergency response plans for your industrial safety training program.

Furthermore, training doesn’t stop at the gate–you can use SimsUshare for continuing education. Use SimsUshare to develop and enhance interoperability and mutual-aid with fire, EMS, law enforcement and other public and private organizations.

Anyone can create a wide variety of simulations to develop and enhance real-world skills, especially for those potential situations that ‘keep you up at night.’

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Typical Uses in Industrial Safety Training

Create scenarios for virtually anything you can imagine, using your photos, from simple incidents to complex incidents with timed changes of hazardous conditions. SimsUshare has unlimited uses and benefits for those hoping to develop a comprehensive industrial safety training program, such as:

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