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Your Custom Photo Library

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With the launch of SimsUshare 2.5, clients have been asking for help in editing their pictures of apparatus, ladders, victims, responders, vent fans etc. to use in the program. We have responded with a new exciting Custom Photo editing package.

Send us up to twenty (20) of your pictures (for which you own the copyright, or are copyright-free, of course) and we will crop and trim them so they are suitable to place in your SimsUshare sims (and in a Picture Cache you can use across your whole department).

When we send the pictures back….you will be able to put them in your Picture cache in SimsUshare and then place these into your simulation. The result? You achieve an extreme localized feel to your simulations! Your Apparatus, your tools, your ladders, your stuff!

Buy it now! Only $395.00* one time charge!

* Send us up to 20 pictures in a jpg, png, tif or gif format all at once or a few at a time during a seven (7) business day period after your purchase. We will have the converted pictures back to you within fourteen (14) days of your submission.

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Available for $395 (USD)

Once your payment completes, we will contact you to arrange you sending us your photos for processing.

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