Fire Simulator Package: Fireground Scene Size-up & 360

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Performing accurate and informative size-up’s and 360’s are critical skills that all responders need to master. This training package reviews important considerations using the popular acronym COAL WAS WEALTH, among other techniques and factors. An accompanying simulation package of twenty-two (22) simulations covers different residential and commercial structures, and can help you apply the lessons in training your company officers and incident commanders.

Excerpt from the Instructor’s Guide:

“The initial size up is one of the most important facets of emergency response and sets the direction for all future actions.  As such it is one of the most critical skills for incident commanders and company officers to master because dispatch and later-arriving crews will depend on this information to determine their response. Size-up is too big a subject to consider each aspect of it in detail during a single training course.  It needs to be broken down into manageable parts…”

What’s Included:

    • Instructor’s Guide that reviews size-up considerations and the COAL WAS WEALTH acronym;
    • Twenty-two (22) simulations you can use immediately as well as adapt to structures in your own first-due area;
    • A COAL WAS WEALTH and Radio Reports template you can print and distribute with your training; and,
    • PowerPoint slides you can use to make your key points.

Available for $49.95 (USD)

Once your payment completes, you will be sent an email with a link to download the material, as well as a private code and password for downloading the sims directly into SimsUshare on your device.

About the Author

Brian P. Kazmierzak, EFO, CTO is the Chief of Training for the Penn Twp. Fire Dept. in Mishawaka, IN. He has a bachelor’s degree in fire service administration from Southern Illinois University and serves as the Director of Operations for and the Webmaster for Brian was the recipient of the 2006 F.O.O.L.S. International Dana Hannon Instructor of the Year Award, the 2008 Indiana Fire Chiefs Training Officer of the Year Award Recipient and the 2011 ISFSI/FDIC George D. Post Fire Instructor of the Year. In addition, Brian completed the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program in 2006, and is a CPSE credentialed Chief Training Officer serves as a Director at Large for the ISFSI and is on the UL FSRI PPV Research Study Panel. Brian has been a student of the fire service since 1991.

Home State: Indiana

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