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Fire Simulator Package: General Approach to a Hazmat Incident—Fixed Facilities

Purchase this fire simulation package for use with your version of SimsUshare.

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How well are your personnel prepared to handle fires at industrial sites? This is an introductory package that reviews a general approach for HazMat at ‘fixed’ facilities, based on FEMA’s “Hazardous Materials Guide for First Responders”, with twenty (20) simulations you can adapt to sites in your first-due area.

“Hazardous materials incidents are different from fire suppression or other usual emergency operations.  The nature of the hazard requires different protective equipment, operational approaches, skills and attitudes. The rules are changed.  Getting in and making a fast attack is not the order of the day. A slower methodical approach is called for, as well as the need to follow federal and state law.”—Hazardous Materials Guide for First Responders, page 548

What’s Included
  • Instructor’s Guide that reviews basic considerations for identifying and approaching fixed facilities with hazardous materials;
  • Twenty (20) simulations you can use immediately as well as adapt to facilities in your own first-due area;
  • HazMat quiz/test and instructor’s key; and,
  • HazMat charts for distribution to students.


This is the disclaimer/notice from FEMA’s “Hazardous Materials Guide for First Responders” (1999): The information in this book was collected from a variety of sources which were reviewed by the Firefighters’ Safety Study Technical Committee and are believed to be accurate. However, the Federal Emergency Management Agency makes no claim that these data and recommendations are either correct or sufficient and assumes no liability for any adverse consequences arising from their use. The action recommendations in this book should be considered as suggestions only. Specific circumstances at the scene of an incident as well as the number and training of first responders will dictate what actions are actually appropriate. Final decisions are the responsibility of the Incident Commander.

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Available for $39.95 (USD)

Once your payment completes, you will be sent an email with a link to download the material, as well as a private code and password for downloading the sims directly into SimsUshare on your device.

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