Fire Simulator Package: Fighting Fires in Mixed Occupancy – Type III Buildings

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Type III construction is not used as often today but you’ll find it on the “Main Streets” of towns and cities across the country.  Typically these buildings will be 2 to 5 stories high with masonry walls on the outside and timber within. This package gives you instructional materials and simulations for creating your own Type III training seminar. The accompanying simulation package contains fourteen (14) simulations you can adapt to your first-due area and can help you apply the lessons in this instruction in training your company officers and incident commanders.

What’s Included

  • Training manual/instructor’s guide;
  • Fourteen (14) simulations you can use immediately as well as adapt to structures in your own first-due area; and,
  • Pre-planning worksheet and building occupancy classification based on International Building Code (IBC).

Internally developed at SimsUshare from publicly-available sources.

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Available for $39.95 (USD)

Once your payment completes, you will be sent an email with a link to download the material, as well as a private code and password for downloading the sims directly into SimsUshare on your device.

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