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Sim Conversion Service

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Do you have a set of sims created with other tools that you just don’t have the time to convert to SimsUshare, or have some ideas for a training set but not the time to create the sims? We can help!

Our SimsUshare Services Division is here to convert your existing simulations or new concepts to SimsUshare format that you can then edit and share. Send us up to ten (10) of your background pictures/locations (for which you own the copyright, or are copyright-free, of course), along with a video recording of the smoke, fire, and other effects in the scenario. Please also include a description about the effects or evolution, if they are no obvious from the video you provide.

Buy it now! Only $795.00* for each converted simulation (up to 10 locations/background pictures). Discounts available for three (3) or more scenarios at once.

* Send us up to 10 (background) pictures in a jpg, png, tif or gif format all at once or a few at a time during a seven (7) business day period after your purchase. Also, please send us a video of how the current simulation looks so we can duplicate it using SimsUshare tools. We will have the converted simulation back to you within fourteen (14) days of your submission.

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Available for $795 (USD)

Once your payment completes, we will contact you to arrange you sending us your photos and example video for processing.

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