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Fire Training Simulator

How We Help Fire/Rescue Departments

Fire/Rescue Departments need to train their responders–from firefighter through Chief Officer–on realistic situations that have happened or could happen in their jurisdiction. SimsUshare is an effective and proven fire training simulator allowing anyone to easily create and deploy simulations that reflect real-life and potential incidents. SimsUshare is also an effective platform for continuing education, promotional processes, validation of SOG’s and/or policies.

SimsUshare is easy to use. Anyone can create a wide variety of scenarios  to develop, maintain and enhance real-world skills, especially for the potential incidents that ‘keep you up at night.’ Since it is easy to use and affordable, you can have people throughout your organization develop simulations to contribute their experience, thereby avoiding the bottleneck associated with typical simulation software that requires specialized study or only the ‘tech guy’ who knows how to make sims.

See for yourself why our fire training simulator is trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.

Typical Uses for our Fire Training Simulator

Create scenarios for virtually anything you can imagine, using your photos, from simple, first alarm incidents to complex, battalion level incidents, with timed changes of hazard conditions. Customers may have only 1 or 2 simulation developers, while others have outfitted/equipped all their apparatus, stations, and command vehicles to create simulations on the go. Because the viewer/player is free, it is easy to distribute simulations for training department-wide. Furthermore, customers are using SimsUshare to develop and enhance interoperability and mutual-aid with industrial, commercial, and public sector organizations in their jurisdiction, including schools and hospitals.

SimsUshare can be used at the kitchen table, at the training center and training ground, and anywhere else. This comprehensive fire training simulator allows you to conduct multi-company training from separate locations. This allows you to keep your crews in district, thereby reducing costs and backfill requirements through the (included) Command Training Center (CTC) functionality.

SimsUshare has unlimited uses and benefits such as:

  • Pre-incident planning
  • Size-up skills
  • Communication skills
  • Strategy & tactics
  • Post-incident critique/lessons learned
  • Promotion and ‘acting officer’ qualification
  • Critical thinking & situational awareness
  • Personnel accountability
  • ICS / deployment
  • SOP/SOG validation and compliance
  • Apparatus placement
  • Equipment training, e.g., PPV and Pump Operations
Fire Rescue Training


Fire/Rescue Departments


Fire/Rescue Departments




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