Putting the Share in SimsUshare Fire Simulator: Sharing Fire Simulations


Learn how to share your fire simulations and access the public fire sim repository.


I want to thank you very much for joining us. This is our first user group meeting of 2019. We expect to resume them about once a quarter. And this is really the title here trying to be a little bit intriguing, putting the share in SimsUshare. Essentially, if you ask us what our number one customer support question is at SimsUshare is, it is, do you have example simulations? Not surprisingly, customers get the tool and hopefully it’s pretty straightforward to bring your own pictures in, but it’s always also better to work from example, seeing what other people are doing, getting some tips and then just speeding up the process overall. So, okay do we have example simulations? Yes, that’s great, but then how do I get them? And that’s always been the obstacle I think with a lot of programs that retrieving them, organizing them has been difficult or complex, and really our aim with SimsUshare is to make that process much simpler. So what I want to go over is the basic ways in which you can share simulations. Right now if you wanted to share simulations with other people, there’s the manual method. The simulations are by default stored in the documents SimsUshare Sims folder, and therefore if you wanted to just copy simulations over from your computer to another computer you go into this folder, copy the folder, and put it over on another computer. The problem is that on iPads and Androids, it’s not possible to do it all that simply. And of course this is all manual––you have to figure out what sims are available and of course, we could put a big list of sims that are available but the download process and the putting in your document folder, every step makes it more difficult overall to share and learn from other developers

So the second manual method is possible but difficult, then with our Network version you can also have shared folders on your network, and we have some videos on let’s say a shared folder, if you have it your department, that doesn’t really help you cross departments, and it also really doesn’t help you if you want to get sample simulations because obviously we’re not all on the same network. So what I’m going to introduce today is basically the new way. What you can do as we’ve added in the SimCloud account for all SimsUshare subscriptions, you can basically upload and download to and from your sim Cloud account. And what we’re introducing today is showing some public repositories on the Sim Cloud that you can very easily bring into your own SimsUsure. Now, you can’t modify the simulations in the public repositories, but once you bring them down onto your computer or onto your iPad or Android device, you’re then free to modify. They are completely separate. So the first step is that we’ve made a webpage at simsushare.com called free simulation sets. And the link is actually recorded in the SimsUshare CTC web-portal, so you can copy this down so you can go see it, and I’ll show it to you in a moment, but this is going to be basically the listing of all possible simulations that we’re currently sharing. 

I’m going to go here now and go to that link, show you what that looks like. And so this is now the page where it’s saying, these different plusses are expandable areas. So we put on this page––read this first, and so this actually will tell you how to download sims directly into the SimsUshare app, or to import sims into your SimCloud account. So if you are just working in SimsUshare in the app, you can follow these steps and bring the simulations in. If you want to bring the simulations into your SimCloud account, so these are the simulations that are there for your multi-company exercises or for the whole department to share that are not on an individual computer. I’m going to show you how you actually go and do this. But the key thing here that I want to show you is that now we have four different categories, and we want to have more as we encourage more sharing. So for example here, if I go to starter sims, you’ll see here, we tell you to download SimsUshare, use this username and password. You’ll see here we have a set of commercial size up––a series of five commercial buildings––an AutoZone, Burger King supermarket, a Home Depot and a restaurant. We have commercial-size up that’s one simulation. We have an effects library if you want to see all the different smoke and fire, we have a house with a roof collapse, this is an incident that’s described in the incident safety officer book, and several others here. A high-rise single family. These are relatively simple simulations. They all pretty much have walk-arounds, but they may have one or two conditions. TrueGas is a fire at a small commercial propane delivery company. That’s the set of starter Sims. 

Then we have a set of more complex multi-position sims. You’ll see here, we have a home garage fire and it’s a multi-unit. What that means is, you can have several positions. We have three engines, two ladders, a rescue and a battalion chief. And each of the simulations are timed to move the company through their respective position. 

So as the first in engine company responding, they’ll show up responding screens and then they’ll get to, let’s say, the arrival, and they’ll be walked through on a time basis. Now we also have the basic house fire. Whereas the garage fire lets you choose which role to take right from the beginning, a single simulation, we have a basic house fire that breaks down into multiple simulations. They’re related to the same one, this multi-position, really basic house fire, and we have three engines, a ladder, a battalion chief. These are separate simulations you can examine individually. I’ll show an example of those. Then we also have a commercial motel, Motel 6 multi-unit. Again, this has positions for three engines, two ladders, a rescue, and battalion chief. I’ll show a little bit about what that is. But these are designed to time someone through their various assignments.

And that’s the multi-position one. So now if you notice as well under multi-position there’s a login, it says “multi-pos-sims-1.” Now also, here’s a set of basic ones from Fire Rescue TV and again there’s a login over here which I’m going to show you how to use. Pretty straightforward, there’s a set of 8 simulations that just do a basic walkaround, single condition which is single-family, multifamily, commercial, there’s a propane. And the last set we have is a residential urban simulation set. So this was designed by Traditions Training in Bridgeport Fire Department, credit to them. There’s 5 simulations, and each of these has four conditions. So for example you have an arrival condition, you have a knock-down condition, you have a worsening condition, and defensive condition. And these can be used individually where you walk around with navigation, or they can be used in the CTC where you have an instructor controlling the multiple positions. So these are the sets we have here in the 3 simulation set. Now the question is, how do you actually get them into SimsUshare?

So there’s our four sets of them. So if you want to bring them into SimsUshare into the app, right inside the app if you go to edit or play, there will options you may have seen––download or upload Sims. Download Sims, I click on Download Sims, then the next step––and I’ll walk you through this––is that you select the SimCloud, SimsUshare SimCloud Repository. Once you select the repository and hit Connect, you’ll then be asked for username and password. So for example, let’s say I’m going to look over at the at the webpage, I’m going to say let me see about getting a Fire Rescue TV Training Sim. So I’m going to see here that the login is “fire-rescue-tv.” I’m going to go over here, I’ll go into edit and say Download Sims, SimCloud and hit Connect and now it will say, I’m going to go here and say “fire-rescue-tv.” I’m going to go here and put the password in. IT remembers a password so you only have to type it the first time. And now you’ll see here are the simulations. So now if I want to download them I just click on 1024 Stockton and Peach House Road. If I wanted to start the processing, I hit start. Transfer them, unpack.

And now it installs them, done, and now they’re here on my computer. So if I wanted to go and edit them or go and play them, they’re all here. So this is for example Stockton, I’ll show you what that looks like. So we’ve tried to make it really, really simple to be able to bring the simulations in. And there’s the Stockton one, this is actually a fire on a grill inside of a beach house area. Just a simple walkaround, no separate conditions. And these simulations, it says Fire Rescue TV because these are also available in the Fire Rescue TV training video library. So we made these in conjunction with Fire Rescue TV. The same operation here if you want to bring any of these simulations into your program, into your SimsUshare app.

So in our an example public sims, let’s go to review this, we have a residential urban simulations. There are 5 simulations there, and they range, they’re single-family, multifamily, and some mid-rise, commercial taxpayer stuff. And again the SimCloud login is “res-sim-urban-1.” The starter simulations, I’m going to show some of those, that password is “starter-sims-1.” Fire Rescue TV basic walkaround, “fire-rescue-tv.” And the multi-positions are “multipos-sims-1.”

So now, how might you want to bring in the simulations to your cloud account? This is again if you wanted to bring them into the whole department rather than on an individual app basis, just into your app. So what we do here, this is where you’re going to see a growing list as well, if I log into the CTC, and let me actually login over here. I’ll log out and I’m going to login with say, I’m going to login as admin. And so you log into your CTC account. If I go to the simulations tab, this is where you have the simulations that are currently in your account, and it tells you how many you can store. If you scroll down, you’ll see here this is where these extra repositories are listed. And so if I wanted to let’s say bring in a multi-position, I’ll say multi-position and I’ll say here for example, the garage fire a multi-unit. So I click on that and I click import. And then that’s actually a fairly big sim, but if you’ll notice, Garage Fire Multi-Unit just showed up in my simulation. So you can’t edit them when they’re in this public area, but if you wanted to bring them in for your SimCloud account, you then use the import sim and then it comes into your simulation if you have enough space for them. So now if I just downloaded this into my own account, I would use I be able to now go and say download Sims and SimCloud, and I could put my own credentials to get to my account and bring this down into the app. But when it’s in here I can see as well, once it’s in my account now I can actually go and toggle it. This is the garage fire and this is the one where you can choose which position you’re going to be more. Again, this is a much more complicated simulation than the others but this gives you a sense of what’s possible in SimsUshare. 

This gives you a little diagram. If you’re in that manage repository area to bring it into your SimCloud, you click on the set that you want and then it’ll give you the set of simulations in that set and you click on Import Sims. Now, this repository, you notice here it says Add Repo and this is one of the purposes of this meeting and moving forward, is we really want to encourage more sharing. So we really would like to hear from you if there are simulations that you would like to share. We’re going to make it more formal in a little bit but we’re definitely interested, I’d like to hear in this Q&A following in a minute, whether there are simulations that you would like to share or simulations that you would like. Because the idea is to cultivate a group of developers, a group of customers and help us so we’re not doing redundant work.

So I’ve done this demonstration but I’m happy to repeat things if people have questions. Thank you for joining us here, I appreciate your time. I’m really excited about all the possibilities that this simple sharing of simulations is going to enable. I think it’s going to really be terrific especially as more people look to share simulations and that way reduce the amount of effort that individuals have to do, and also see creative ways of using different types of simulations, for example we have over here, whereas these multi-position simulations tend to be based on time where you’re timing your units and your roles, as you’ll notice if I scroll down over here, particularly with this multi-position house fire, we have a timed version of it and then we have what we call an instructor version. An instructor version is where someone can click through those positions so you don’t have to wait for the time. And so clearly there are going to be different applications, you make one simulation, it can be used in several different applications or one basic simulation. So I really want to be working on helping you make it easier to create your simulations by either working off the other people’s or introducing yours and having other people be able to contribute.

Thank you very much for your attention. Let’s see, we got a question. So I’m answering it here you can actually bring your own victims in. And I’m happy to show you Rick, I apologize for our our set there. One of the hard things we have is just getting copyright on images and I’m happy to show you how you can actually bring in your own victims, your tools, your apparatus, everything like that. And if you have some victims to contribute, it’s another effort that we are under consideration now, we are really eager to develop these kinds of resources that everyone can benefit from. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title=”View All CTC Webinars” color=”success” size=”lg” align=”center” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fsimsushare.com%2Fctc-webinars%2F|||”][/vc_column][/vc_row]