SimsUshare Video Tutorials

Introduction to SimsUshare

Transfer/activate/deactivate a Platinum license

How to edit an existing sim

How to create a new sim and add elements

How to make a walkaround

Set up a walk-around navigation the easy way

Make an incident evolve over time

Transfer a sim from one computer to another

How to make a video from playing a sim

Copying and Pasting Effects

Timed-Move to a Location

Getting Example Sims from Sim Repositories

Adding Your Own Victims, Tools, Apparatus, and Map Markers (that can be moved during sim playback)

Making smoke come from behind building (Masking)

Advanced Navigation

Setting up your own Sim Repository

SimsUshare Visual Effects (Smoke, Fire, etc.)

SimsUshare Network-Specific Videos

SimsUshare Network: Installation

SimsUshare Network: Set up Shared and Private Sims Areas

Integration with AlphaTRAC/AlphaACT

Exporting Sim for Upload into Scenario Builder

Exporting Videos of Sims (Windows) for Upload into Scenario Builder

Exporting Sim in iOS (iPad/iPhone) for Upload into Scenario Builder

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