Fire Simulator Quick Start Guides & Tutorials

View our quick start guides and tutorials to start building your own fire simulations quickly and easily.

This page has all of our quick start guides and fire simulator tutorials. These are short (1-page) summaries in PDF format of how to perform basic operations with our program. CLICK HERE to download all of the guides in one PDF file. For more detailed tutorials, documentation, and full online classes, please visit our Help Page.

Playing Simulations
Playing Simulations
Create Single View Sim
Creating a Single-View Sim
Adding More Elements to your Sim
Adding More Elements to Your Sim
Masking for 3D Effect
Timing Effects
Timing Effects: Fade-in/Fade-out
Making Multiple Views
Making a Multiple-View Sim
Download Free Sims
Downloading Free Simulations
Getting Help
Getting Help

Multi-screen exercise

Conducting a Multi-Screen Exercise
uploading sims
Uploading Sims to SimCloud
Download from SimCloud
Downloading Sims from SimCloud
Backup/Restore Account
Backup/Restore Account

On-Site Quick Start Guides

The On-Site is the SimsUshare CTC in-a-box, i.e., a local server you can setup to run exercises without Internet access.

Prepping on-site for training
Prepping the On-Site Kit for Training
on-site not in use
When On-Site is Not in Use
Backup and Restore of Sims
Backup and Restore of Sims
Connecting a participant to an on-site exercise
Connecting a Participant to On-Site Exercise
On-Site Create/Manage Organizations
On-Site Create/Manage Organizations
Create and Manage On-Site Users
Create/Manage Users and Instructors
Backup and Restore of Sims
Backup and Restore of Sims
On-Site Troubleshooting
On-Site Troubleshooting

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