Fire Simulator Packages

The Sim Marketplace is an area for simulation authors to share their work with SimsUshare customers who want fully-working examples and complete packages related to various types of training. On this page you can download a number of fire simulator packages. Customers who purchase the packages receive a code to download the sims into their SimsUshare software to be used either as-is or adapted to first-due pictures/situations, as well as instructional materials to accompany training.

Important: All materials sold in the Marketplace are for non-commercial use by customers. Please refer to our End Users License Agreement for other licensing questions, or contact us.

Do I Need a Platinum License to Use the Sims? The sims included in the Marketplace training packages can be played using the free sim viewer, and therefore do not need a Platinum license. The packages do not include SimsUshare Platinum, and therefore cannot be modified without the customer already having a license.

Fireground Scene Size-up & 360

Performing accurate and informative size-up’s and 360’s are critical skills that all responders need to master…

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$49.95 (USD)

General Approach to HazMat Incidents at Fixed Facilities

How well are your personnel prepared to handle fires at industrial sites? This is an introductory package…

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$39.95 (USD)

How Building Occupancy Status Impacts Incident Management Decisions

Use this package to help teach your personnel considerations about handling fires in various building occupancy examples…

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$29.95 (USD)

Mixed Occupancy/Type III Buildings

Type III construction is not used as often today but you’ll find it on the “Main Streets” of towns and cities across the country…

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$39.95 (USD)

Create Your Custom Tools Library

With the recent launch of SimsUshare 2.5 clients have been asking for help in editing their pictures of apparatus, ladders, vent fans etc. to use in the program…

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$395 (USD)

Convert Your Old Simulations

Do you have a set of sims created with other tools that you just don’t have the time to convert to SimsUshare, or have some ideas for a training set but not the time to create the sims? We can help quickly!

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$795 (USD)

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